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Gabo Martin & Jesuan M – Mirage [Dopamine White]

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Nikko.Z's Dopamine White continues a strong start to the year by welcoming Argentinean duo Gabo Martin and Jesuan M to the label for their debut EP. The former, born in Viedma but now based in Rosaro has compiled an impressive discography over a short two year stretch. Releases for 3rd Avenue, One Of A Kind and Strangers Beats have all been sensational. Similarly, Jesuan M is also from Viedma but has since relocated to La Plata. Upon making his production debut just over a year ago, Jesuan has showcased his music on Antrim's Or Two Strangers, 3rd Avenue and Droid9 Limited. Having collaborated on two occasions previously, Gabo and Jesuan now unite once again for their Dopamine White debut 'Mirage'.

Beginning with the title selection Gabo and Jesuan craft a ten minute slice of pure progressive house. Tough and commanding from the outset; it's mountainous bass tones, striking percussion and devilish effects perfectly set up a near two minute breakdown. Fragmented melodies gently rise across the centrepiece, shifting mood into more emotive territory, before getting washed away in a wave of noise and percolating effects for a powerful drop.

The companion piece 'Sands of Time' continues the dark, rugged mood set by its predecessor. Once again backed by a muscular, well carved groove; it's a storyboard of trippy effects, haunting overlays and sinister arps which slowly saturate your senses. Further drama comes as the main break commences, melting down to a tension filled sizzle, while timely effects and gaseous sweeps shift energy into a powerful finale. It rounds out a huge two track offering from Gabo Martin and Jesuan M, who continue to build on their creativity synergy with an excellent Dopamine White debut.

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Release Date: 25-01-2021

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