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Serkan Eles – Joy & Euphoria [Baikal Nomads]

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Serkan Eles

Joy & Euphoria is a delightful organic house EP by Serkan Eles who expresses the trippy side of his sound with this atmospheric release.

Serkan Eles is a guitarist and electronic music producer who combines his two passions to create organic house, and his tracks often incorporate his multi-instrumentalist skills. The four cuts on this particular offering showcase his more atmospheric side. They all fuse hallucinatory atmospherics with percussion that provides enough energy to ensure they remain suited to a dance floor.

This release is the first time that Serkan Eles has featured on the Baikal Nomads record label, and he joins the imprint following music released by other respected outlets such as Pipe & Pochet, Sol Selectas and Bar 25.

"Not a Body" opens the release with a mysterious vibe created by floaty melodies that bubble up through the track, which has sloshing atmospherics that swell like waves breaking on the shore. The loose percussion and clarinet used in the breakdown section add to the track’s enchanted sound.

Tatha” is second, and it’s built around a chugging bassline layered with the fast-paced rhythms of spiralling percussion. It builds suspense as it moves towards the jazzy notation of the breakdown that introduces the main melody line.

Joy” is third on the release, and it’s got unsettling piano chords mixed with gritty textures that form a dystopian landscape from the beauty of uplifting melodies. It’s a spellbinding track that’s tension makes it captivating from start to finish.

Euphoria” is a beautiful track that closes the release with sweeping pads and upbeat percussion, while feel-good piano chords make this something of a masterpiece.

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