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Feature: Berni Turletti shares 10 tracks which inspired his journey into electronic music

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Perhaps best known for his releases on Or Two Strangers, Higher States, Sudbeat and The Soundgarden, Berni Turletti brings a unique energy and perspective to progressive music. With the backing of Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren, the Argentinean artist has been tipped as one of the genre's future stars. The last two calendar years have seen the Cordoba resident in constant motion, becoming more prolific and recording standout projects for EDGE, Peace Symphonies, Plattenbank, Proportion and Mango Alley, while continuing to be one of his country's finest progressive DJs, in turn sharing the stage with Antrim, Christian Smith, Dmitry Molosh, Ezequiel Arias, Henry Saiz, Mariano Mellino, Simon Vuarambon and more. This week finds Berni making his debut on Mark MacLeod's Deep Down Music with a remix of 'Foggy Days' by Felipe Garcia.

To celebrate the release of his 'Foggy Days' remix,  Berni has curated a collection of ten tracks that fueled his passion for electronic music in his formative years.

1. Frankie Knuckles - The Whistle Song

This track by Frankie was one of the ones that impacted me the most when I started listening to electronic music. As a raver, I first heard it in 2014 at a Hernan Cattaneo show in the Orfeo de Cordoba. I'm using it as a tribute to Frankie's passing.

2. Hobo – Incise

It's a great track from Hobo, I heard it at one of my early raver parties back in 2013. It was one of those tracks that sparked my desire to start producing music.

3. Âme – Rej

Âme is one of my favorite producers, and this track is proof of the incredible talent they possess. It was released almost 11 years ago, yet it sound remains relevant and contemporary. Melodically, it's a fascinating track to analyze.

4. Frankey & Sandrino – Acamar

A beautiful classic from Frankey & Sandrino! I remember playing this track during my early days as a DJ. I love how the arpeggio modulation keeps the track dynamic throughout.

5. Slam - Eterna (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix)

Another great classic that left a mark on my career as a producer. When John Digweed's album "Live in Cordoba" came out, I bought it right away, and this track blew my mind. It's incredible how it still sounds so current despite the years.

6. Guy J - Mind Of

Guy J is a huge inspiration for me. He's one of my favorite producers, and I love the way he speaks through his music. He's one of the few producers who has moved me to tears with his music. It's hard to choose just one track from him, but this one is definitely on my list of favorites.

7. Marino Canal - All The Right Endings

As a lover of melodic and emotional music, this track is one of my favorites. Marino is also a great producer, and this track is beautiful and incredibly inspiring for me.

8. Hans Zimmer & Radiohead - Ocean Bloom

Radiohead and Hans Zimmer are both huge inspirations for my music. They're composers who excel at conveying a wide range of emotions through their music. Every time I listen to them, they give me goosebumps.

9. Lisa Gerrard & Hans Zimmer - Now We Are Free (Santiago Teillagorry Unofficial Remix)

Another great producer I don't want to overlook is Santiago Teillagorry. He's been a significant mentor for me, and now I'm fortunate to call him a friend. This remix he did nine years ago is still unreleased, yet it remains impressive. 

Today, he's making a comeback, and we're working on new music together that we'll be sharing soon.

10. Howling - Shortline (Frank Wiedemann Remix)

I'll close my list with HOWLING, this fantastic duo who creates beautiful music. RY X's voice brings me a lot of peace and harmony. I often listen to his music before I start producing. Frank, on the other hand, strikes me as a fascinating producer and composer.

'Foggy Days' is available now via Deep Down Music: https://tinyurl.com/27rdvd7s

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