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Feature: Mass Digital shares 5 albums which helped shape his life and musical journey

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Highly regarded in the world of organic house, Serbian artist Mass Digital boasts an impressive discography highlighted by releases via Akbal Music, All Day I Dream, Hoomidaas, Sol Selectas and TRYBESof. As a favourite of Above and Beyond, Lee Burridge and Hernan Cattaneo, Mass Digital now makes his debut on Mark MacLeod's Deep Down Music with a remix of Audiofive's 'Seize the Moment'.

To celebrate the release of his 'Seize The Moment' Remix, Mass Digital has curated a collection of five albums which helped shape his life and musical journey. Enjoy.

What's up dear folks, Mass Digital is here. Hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring time and sun. These are the 5 albums that shaped my life and music taste. Lets begin.

Moby - Play

One of my main musical inspirations and key figures is this guy, Moby. I just love his melodies, strings and pads, simple crafted but totally on spot. Whole "Play" album is amazing but beside stellar "Porcelain" track, my favorite one is "Bodyrock". Groovy, stringy, energic and simply great. That vocals are mega.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Californication

I think that my first ever cd was this album. Packed with hits only, if you ask me. That vocals, melodies, harmonies, drums, grooves and Flea's bass are epic. "Otherside" song was on repeat, played it nearly 1000 times (idk exactly :D). My RHCP all time fav album and the best one they ever made, in my opinion.

The Prodigy - Music For The Jilted Generation

The Prodigy, oh yeaaaaah. Teenage years, school, first true love, full of energy, angry on everyone, exploring everything, finding myself. They shaped electronic dance music, true magicians. 'Break & Enter' in one word - wicked. That breaking glass sample was a gamechanger, something unique. That groove, that bassline, epic. Rip Mr. Keith

Korn - Untouchables

I remember one day visiting my step brother Ivan, he played Korn's album "Life is Peachy" on a tape back then and my first reaction was, maaan what's that, sounds awful. He said, shut up Boris, one day you will like them. And that was very true, korn became my all time favorite nu metal/ metal band ever. My first Korn album on a cd was 'Untouchables'. It was so mega sounding, groovy, dark and harmonious, I was blown away. 'Here to stay' is just super heavy, fat, blessed with Jonathan's crazy vocals, mind-blowing.

Queens Of The Stone Age - Songs for the Deaf

Queens Of The Stone Age is I would say my second favorite band ever. The whole album is amazing, full of harmonies in every possible way. Early 2000's and golden age of MTV2. It was that red, black and white cartoon like video with fast old cars, females and folks crashing. That solo, riffs, unbelievable vocals by Mr. Josh, drums, ohhh my God 'Go with the Flow'.

'Seize the Moment' is available now via Deep Down Music: https://tinyurl.com/ytpf4mam

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