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Yemanjo – La Misma Fuente [Wonderwheel]

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Yemanjo dazzles with an impressive organic house/downtempo album that combines live instrumentation with electronic sounds. La Misma Fuente includes 10 tracks that range in style and tempo, also incorporating influences from Latin America and Africa to give it a warm and radiating vibe.

Ben Harris better known in the world of music as Yemanjo, is a multi-talented musician and vocalist who specialises in playing the trumpet, and he has been passionate about music from a young age. Originally from California in America, he mixes the electronic music of his hometown with music he has experienced in other countries.

This album is a culmination of the music that has inspired Ben through his global travels, as it has rhythms and traditional instruments commonly linked to Latin America and Africa.

The Spanish vocals and downtempo groove on the title track “La Misma Fuente" set the scene with its laidback mood, fuelled by a deep bassline and a jovial synth line. There is a lift in energy with the Afro influence of track two, "Juru Fô," which has enchanting vocals by Malian singer Mariam Koné.

Flowing organic percussion and jackin’ rhythms run throughout this release which is a musical masterpiece with tracks that are aimed to make people dance and feel good. Not all of the tracks are necessarily DJ focused such as the reggae inspired “Janfa” or the Flamenco feeling of “Mar Mar Mar.”

“Bululú” would be one example of an Afro house track that has all the ingredients required for a DJ, but on a whole, this is an album that is better suited for home listening.

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