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Tash – Banyan Blast [Movement Recordings]

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Movement Recordings rounds out a successful spring season with a new EP from label boss Tash. The Greek artist impressed across 2023, carefully balancing his broad production palette via releases for Awen Records, If You Wait and Uxoa Dutxa Elite, while also continuing to travel the world as a DJ and in turn delighting crowds with his fresh track selection and exquisite programming skills. It was his home base of Movement however which served as the primary home for his premiere productions across 2023, with two EP projects for fledgling affiliate Movement Limited landing in July and December respectively, along with a well-received contribution to Movement's popular 'ProgNoesis' series. Now, presenting his first release of 2024, Tash returns to Movement's primary imprint with the 'Banyan Blast EP', alongside a remix from Green Lake Project.

Beginning with 'Banyan Blast', Tash maintains his club-effective approach which sets the tone for the release. Full of charged energies, the Thessaloniki resident expertly blends punchy kick drums and electric grooves with crunchy rhythms and astral sonics. Granular effects and cleverly co-axed stabs steal the air, furthering the first movement leading into the break. A hopeful overlay casts a lighter monochrome over the journey, before mesmerizing machine-progression melts down amidst a bed of rumbling sonics to cue a rush of main room alchemy. The companion piece 'Roaming Chaps' finds Tash flexing a groovier side of his repertoire. Powerful beats and rippling basslines serve as the anchor for gated stabs, sci-fi vocal fragments and a strong rhythmic top line to intertwine for a smooth yet highly uplifting first act. The breakdown presents a timeless vibe, as key changing stabs and percussive rides build tension and emotion through loud-soft dynamics, before a rush of drums and white noise cues an epic end of the set style finale.

Making their label debut with the lone interpretation of 'Banyan Blast' is Green Lake Project. Hailing from Germany, Green Lake Project has been producing an inspired brand of melodic techno for the better part of a decade. A 2016 debut on Wustrow based imprint 3000 Grad would see the German duo forge a long running creative partnership with the label, where they have now notched over thirty discography credits. Also finding a home on Global Underground and IbogaTech, Green Lake Project now add Movement Recordings to their resume with a powerful rendition of 'Banyan Blast'. With a creative approach, the duo remodel the track into a club-effective slice of melodic techno. Bound together by a tight hypno-architecture, it's a blend of lively synth mutations, moody atmospherics and finely manicured percussion which ultimately carries this electric journey, one where Green Lake Project unlock a peak-time inspired part of their studio repertoire.

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Release Date: 17-05-2023

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