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Juanito State & Rivellino – Gotta Cry [Eklektisch]

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Cali, Colombia, also known as the "Branch of Heaven," has long been a hub of flavor and cultural vitality. Its music flows in the veins of its inhabitants, drawing global attention for its art and humanity. In this vibrant setting, "Gotta Cry" was born.

Destiny converged in Cali when Rivellino and Juanito met in an atmosphere of boundless creativity. After a night at the legendary club Sonido Central, their musical connection was instantaneous. Together, they brought "Gotta Cry" to life in a studio session that flowed with astonishing naturalness.

"Gotta Cry" is more than a song; it's an experience. From its inception to its completion, every element merges in perfect harmony. The lyrics evoke the sensation of being trapped in a space, traversing the emotions of creative confinement. Phrases like "I'm still locked up in my room" resonate with the intensity of hours dedicated to creation. Notably, "Gotta Cry" has already
been featured in sets by renowned DJs Solomun and Raxon, adding to its acclaim.

Beyond its success on the scene, "Gotta Cry" transcends music. It's a reminder of the relentless passion that drives artists to create, even when confined by four walls. It's an invitation to immerse oneself in pure emotion and authenticity, reminding us that sometimes we must let the tears flow to find true liberation.

"Gotta Cry" is a masterpiece born from the heart of Cali, rooted in authenticity and passion. Its potential to excite and connect with global audiences is undeniable. It's more than a song; it's an emotional journey deserving to be shared with the world.

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Release Date: 17-05-2024

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