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Nadav Dagon – Egypcia [Baikal Nomads]

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Nadav Dagon

Nadav Dagon is an Israeli organic house artist making his debut on Baikal Nomads following music on other record labels such as Camel Riders, 3000 Grad, Lump Records and Rumours.

Known for his blend of live instruments and electronic sounds, Nadav Dagon once again shows his class with the two original tracks on this release. The EP’s title track “Egypcia” is a collaboration with Carla Valenti, and the second track “First Night Back” enlists the help of GALGO (IL) and Yinon Dar.

GALGO (IL) and Yinon Dar both seem to be making their first official release with their contributions to this release, but Carla Valenti is a Chilean artist whose organic style has already been a feature of imprints such as LNDKHN and Abracadabra Music.

The release also includes remixes by France’s Max TenRoM and Mexican duo Catatonique. Catatonique have featured on Baikal Nomads in the past, but Max TenRoM is making his first appearance on the record label after successful releases on other respected outlets such as MONADA, Cafe De Anatolia and Harabe.

The title track “Egypcia” is the collaboration with Carla Valenti, and it gets the release moving with shimmering guitar chords and a deep bassline that rises up with acid tones. Live percussion and a Snake Charmer style melody line add to the desert vibes of this hallucinatory track.

Catatonique completely transform “Egypcia” with a new throbbing bassline and a drop in tempo. They also strip back the original’s guitar and melody, to let the intensity of their new synth parts take full control of the track.

“First Night Back” is the deeper of the two tracks, and it has contrasting male and female vocals, which are accompanied by sparse guitar chords and a bubbling acid synth. It’s a spellbinding track that lifts in energy, as it progresses towards a cinematic ending, where the vocals create an emotional finish.

Max TenRom’s brings the release to a close with a psychedelic remix of “First Night Back,” which makes more atmospheric use of the vocal. He also adds explosive drum hits that change the flow of the track, and give it Afro house undertones.

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