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MiraculuM – Intimacy [Soundteller Records]

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After presenting their successful ‘Winter Sampler’ Deersky's Soundteller Records returns with an amazing single from MiraculuM. The Hungarian artist and Stellar Fountain label boss has appeared on the Polish imprint five times previously with the most recent coming in May of last year with the excellent ‘Wormhole’ single. The follow-up, ‘Intimacy’ promises to be even better and comes alongside remixes from Andrea Cassino, Chris Drifter & MB and Gaston Ponte.

With ‘Intimacy’ MiraculuM seems to be evolving yet again. There’s a smooth, charming quality to it immediately and it’s perhaps the most pure progressive track he’s crafted to date. The groove sounds straight out of Argentina and thus tailor made for a Hernan Cattaneo or Nick Warren set. As with all MiraculuM productions it’s the minor details which impress, from elegant vocal gates to a variety of cosmic effects. Once the breakdown hits a more distinct lead theme is introduced; delicate and poignant it eventually melts down to muted pianos which are not only gorgeous but perfectly transfer energy into a heavenly finale.

When speaking about the top progressive house producers of the moment it would be hard not mention Andrea Cassino in that discussion. The Italian artist is a favourite amongst the genres top DJs and has also appeared on Balkan Connection and Proton Music. His remix here stands out once again as he brings his own smooth, rhythmic style to the piece. It’s hard not to marvel at the production, everything sits exactly as it should, carrying its own sonic space and the flow is silky smooth as a result. The low end, although a touch softer has remarkable character, sculpted to perfection with just the right amount of funk and roll. The lead rhythmic theme sounds quite timeless and again very classy in delivery, which perfectly sets up the piano motif from the original which is the icing on the cake ultimately.

Up next Chris Drifter and MB Project add considerably more punch and bring the track closer to a main room dance floor. It’s galloping foundation is loaded with groove and the effervescent stabs are a nice touch. Surely the most melodic interpretation on the release the lead theme plays through a good portion of the mix and with great emphasis as well. Well executed, the break builds tension without losing it’s emotive touch and preludes a groovy finale quite nicely.

The release concludes with Gaston Ponte returning to the label for his second appearance. The Argentinean artist made his debut on the Polish imprint in November of 2017 with the ‘Black Sound’ EP. Fresh off a remix of Lily Pita’s ‘Jenja’ for Massive Harmony Gaston closes the release out strong with a darker, dubbier rendition. The groove has wonderful drive and the buzzing synths carry both electric and hypnotic qualities which should make for some great late night moments. Magic always seem to happen when MiraculuM appears on Soundteller and it has once again. A great package with the original and Andrea’s remix really hitting the spot. Highly Recommended.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2FF6r8o

Release Date: 12-03-2017

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