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GIOKA – Noa EP [Dreamlife]

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The inaugural release on Dreamlife finds label owners Kamilo Sanclemente and Giovanny Aparicio unveiling their new GIOKA alias. With an ethos centred around deep organic house, the Colombian artists start a new journey with the inception of Dreamlife. Backed by a freeform concept, the label looks to nurture new talent, while also playing host to select industry veterans. Now embarking on their debut release it seems only appropriate that Kamilo and Giovanny launch the imprint with a three track showcase from their new GIOKA project.

Both Kamilo and Giovanny are much loved for their exploration of all things progressive minded but now begins a new chapter in deeper, organic sound with GIOKA. The meeting of two such creative minds is always an exciting prospect and they deliver three stunning pieces of music beginning with the title selection ‘Noa’. Coming in at a smooth, free flowing tempo, it’s a deep, soulful and incredibly charming seven minute journey. Dusty atmospheres and elegant motifs adorn was is a sultry, irresistible groove; while exotic drums and poignant chimes provide the perfect prelude to a final act of tranquil tones and heartfelt sonics.

Operating on a similar emotional plane is the second selection ‘Distraidos’. From stripped beginnings comes elegant overlays and redolent shades, slowly descending over dulcet beats and organic drums. As the narrative evolves so too does its emotive appeal, with warm swells trailing over the framework, before a spoken word narrative and sentimental break provides a bridge into a buoyant yet dreamy final act.

Rounding out the release in style is the enchanting 'Give Me Some' which features the gorgeous vocals of Velveta. Deep, intricate and undeniably groovy, it's another impassioned jaunt into the depths of organic house. The cross pollination of the duo's immaculate production, along with Velveta’s haunting yet highly emotive vocals are a match made in harmonic heaven. Her distinctive chops elicit such a broad range of emotion, while the duo's free flowing narrative provides the perfect organic canvas. It caps off a magnificent start to both the GIOKA alias and Dreamlife imprint for Kamilo and Giovanny. The future certainly holds great things for both projects so make sure you're following along. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3dvss7B

Release Date: 08-06-2020

Release Promo: http://releasepromo.com

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