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Dido – Take You Home (Undercatt Remix) [BMG]

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The most special moments in dance music are often the most unexpected, and UNDERCATT have delivered something rather special for the enigmatic Dido's latest single, 'Take You Home'.

With a Pete Tong 'Essential New Tune' for Cadabra' under their belts, along with critically acclaimed releases 'Brittania' & 'Futura' on Solomon's Diynamic label remaining constant staples for the World's biggest DJs including Annie Mac, Kölsch, and Tube & Berger, UNDERCATT have fast become one of the biggest names on the Melodic Techno scene.

The infectious rhythm in ‘Take You Home’, combined with Dido’s iconic vocal line, results in the creation of a classic dance track. “I’m very good at giving comfort to someone else but whether I can sort my own life out is a whole other question”, Dido said of the track. “We all look like we’ve got it sorted but I don’t think anyone has. I’m just muddling through. I don’t know whether I’ve really got control over anything. But there’s still time.”

Dido's stunning vocals combined with UNDERCATT's soaring synths and melodies are a match made in dance heaven. Summer 2019 just may have found it's most unexpected, but most welcome, big anthem.

'Take You Home' is taken from Dido's UK & US hit album, 'Still On My Mind'.

The sun is hanging low across the street
As we're fighting, loving, talking in the heat
We're all walking home barely
Everyday we'll meet, everyday we'll meet, do the same

We could dance all night and sleep all day
Kiss and love and just walk away
Took pride in all the rules you disobeyed
Moved so slow, we didn't see a change

I can sing you a song, take you home
But I can't seem to find my own
I can sing you a song, take you home
But I can't seem to find my way home


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