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Yuriy From Russia – Lady In Red Part 2 [Reelaux Digital]

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Yuriy From Russia - Lady In Red Part 2 [Reelaux Digital]

The latest release from Reelaux Digital finds the label showcasing new interpretations of Yuriy From Russia’s ‘Lady In Red’. Originally released three weeks ago alongside a remix from Following Light we now see the label inviting Kay-D and DJ Beat2 to reinvent the track.

First up long standing scene veteran Kay-D makes his seventh appearance on the label following recent releases on Stellar Fountain and SoulArt Recordings. Known for his emotive melodies the Hungarian artist provides a driving, celestial sounding interpretation that should be a favourite amongst the old school massive. You can always count on Kay-D to craft a memorable break and once again it’s a standout, flowing through dulcet motifs and wispy atmospheres taking the original to an entirely different place.

The release concludes with DJ Beat2 making his label debut following releases on Asymmetric Recordings, 3rd Avenue and Electronic Tree. The Indian artist has continued to push his old school sound and remains one of his country's foremost progressive house talents. Beat2 has become known for his long journey-esque mixes and he crafts another 11 minute masterpiece here. From deep and pulsating beginnings the piece expertly flows through a myriad of soulful motifs, delicate melodies and meditative qualities. Airy vocals and lovely acid lines fill in the framework nicely before a gorgeous cross-cultural motif steals the show during a perfectly executed break. Stellar stuff from Beat2 once again a solid remix package for Reelaux Digital.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2yr2MV5
Release Date: 13-11-2017

Release Promo: http://releasepromo.com

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