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Various Artists – Elements, Vol. 2 [Juicebox Music]

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Praveen Achary’s Juicebox Music closes out 2017 with the second installment of its ‘Elements’ series. It’s been a tremendous year for the Indian imprint, their busiest on record and one that has seen them rise to new heights. Putting a cap on the successful campaign is Chris Cargo, Daraspa, Oscar Vasquez and Following Light, all of whom make their Juicebox Music debuts.

First up is Daraspa who has been well known throughout the progressive underground since making his debut on Sound Avenue in November of 2013. This year saw the Dutch artist continue to evolve with releases on 3rd Avenue, KDB and Northern Lights Music. Here he delivers more interesting work with the deeply, hypnotic ‘Rain In Heaven’. From a groove perspective it’s nice to hear something that deviates from the traditional progressive house roll. As a result the low end is quite meditative and powerful, setting a perfect foundation for chord stabs, wispy vocal effects and for a few moments, some bigger melodic elements. Definitely the most creative production I’ve heard from Daraspa yet and a great way to set the stage for more fresh music in 2018.

No stranger to long time progressive house fans is Chris Cargo who provides the second selection. Known for his productions on Mara’s Choo Choo label, Chris also appeared on Renaissance and Automatic Records throughout the golden years of progressive house. Having recently launched his own ‘If You Wait’ imprint Chris now closes out a hugely successful comeback year with ‘Crystal’. The Irish artist’s grooves have always been quite distinctive and he’s crafted another heavyweight one here. Deep, chugging and full of great character it carries the neatly tailored percussion and dark rhythms perfectly. Not without emotive moments, there are subtle motifs which ebb and flow throughout the production, tastefully building to a poignant crescendo before the heavy groove carries you home. Super stuff from Chris and great to see him fully back in the progressive house trenches this year.

Next up is another progressive house favourite Oscar Vasquez who has built a solid reputation for his genre-bending productions. Now following releases on Balkan Connection and RPO Records he presents the techno inspired ‘Red Face’ for his Juicebox Music debut. It certainly carries some weight with a powerful low end, driving with a momentous energy as dark electronics and bubbly tones highlight the framework. A timely break shifts the mood and ups the tension momentarily before a billowing vocal reignites the groove for a heads down finale. Very powerful and one that will no doubt work wonders on a peak time dance floor.

The release concludes with Following Light who is making his much anticipated debut on the label. The Ukrainian artist is perhaps one of the hardest working figures in the underground, with a torrid release schedule and a slew of labels under his command including Inmost Records, Aeriform, Absurd State, Lincor and Dog and Man. His contribution here ‘Uthuruku’ is a wonderful seven minute journey, beginning on the darker tip and evolving into something more serene and emotive. It’s reflective tone is a perfect way to not only look back on the collection but also the entire year which Juicebox Music has had. You can tell when a label is A&R’d with great consideration and this Indian imprint certainly is. Expecting even bigger and better things from them in 2018.

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Release Date: 18-12-2017

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