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Tommy Orellano – Heal The Soul [Nature Rec]

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Nature Rec opens 2023 by welcoming Tommy Orellano to the label for his first project. Hailing from Argentina, Tommy first came to our attention in 2021 with releases via AMITABHA and Another Life Music. Tommy's organic sound was quickly recognized moving forward as he went on to land future releases via Canopy Sounds, Cigarette Music, RYNTH and The Purr. With 2022 being rounded out with a contribution to Songuara's 'Tales 01' collection, Tommy begins the new year with his Nature Rec debut 'Heal The Soul', alongside remixes from Mauro Masi and Alley SA.

With a whimsical flair, it is the title selection ‘Heal The Soul’ which sets the tone for the release. Warm, spacious basslines lay the foundation for panoramic textures and subtle melodic clusters to work their magic. Fluttery percussive arrangements maintain a buoyant cadence, while vocal overlays move from esoteric to emotive leading into the break. Masterfully constructed, the interlude delights with its nostalgic phrasing, not looking to build drama or emotion, rather providing a bridge into a groove based drop and spirited finale. The companion piece 'Deep Ocean' further cements Tommy’s organic vision, as a fluid rhythmic core gets complimented with polychromatic textures and rolling bass tones. A joyous exchange of melody and colour where themes of connectedness and hope get translated by spectral vocal fragments and heartfelt musicality.

Providing the first remix is Mauro Masi who returns to the label for his first release of 2023. The Buenos Aires resident provides more of a distinctly organic interpretation led by a lovely array of exotic drums, low slung basslines and balmy synth swells. The vocal elements and a chirpy lead line provide the primary narrative, playing off each other beautifully, onwards through a glowing break and thumping finale.

The release concludes with Alley SA making his label debut with the second and final interpretation of 'Heal The Soul'. The Cape Town resident provides a standout version here, making great use of the vocal and main synth line, all while crafting a groovy, nature-centric backdrop for those parts to translate their message to the dance floor. Gorgeous music from Alley SA, which caps off an excellent Nature Rec debut for Tommy Orellano to begin the new year in style. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 06-01-2023

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