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Stativ Connection – Epic [Polyptych]

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Returning after a lengthy hiatus, Stativ Connection debut on Polyptych with 'Epic'. Active from 2010 to 2017, the German duo were beloved for their releases on Natro De Musica, Pour La Vie and their own Stativ records imprint. Their melodic techno sound was not only highly emotive but ideal for dance floors around the world. Now coming back to this ethos in a big way, Stativ Connection make a welcome return with 'Epic' alongside a remix from Mirko Aurich.

Presented across three versions it is the Original Extended Mix which gets the release underway. Originally produced in 2017, the creation's magic has aged well with electronic music's ever changing landscape. Backed by a full, muscular and undeniably electric groove, it's melodic storyboard then begins with sparse piano stabs and emotive chord changes. Hitting early, the main break expands the piano narrative, expertly intertwining notes for an impassioned theme. Building to a grandiose crescendo, the duo wisely pulls back on the drop, eventually reintroducing the lead themes for a vibe not unlike Han Zimmer's 'Time'. Meanwhile, the 2021 Remake works more of an ominous intro with heady vocal elements and a billowing underbelly. Staying true to the musical themes, the main break (once again landing early) introduces the piano amidst an array of electric effects, as it builds to a grandiose moment, before a final act of heady sonic artefacts steals the show.

The lone interpretation of 'Epic' is provided by Mirko Aurich who makes his label debut. Providing depth and variety to the release, the German artist completely revamps the track into an inspired blend of musical minimalism. The character of the groove is felt immediately; heavy and full of robust undulation, it rolls forward as piercing chord stabs, striking effects and icy pads unite for an arcane narrative that delights every step of the way. A near perfect complement to the more traditional versions for which it precedes, it rounds out an on the money release for Polyptych, a label who continues to unearth both old and new talent for some wholeheartedly exciting releases. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3t5gAR0

Release Date: 12-03-2021

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