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Stage Van H – Profound Bass [Balkan Connection]

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Balkan Connection winds down 2018 with a brand new EP from Stage Van H. Widely regarded for his work on Just Movement, the Netherlands based artist has become a beloved figure in the old school progressive house scene. His smooth, timeless approach is always a pleasure to listen or dance to and now he lands on Balkan Connection with 'Profound Bass' alongside remixes from Nicholas Van Orton and Ewan Rill.

The title selection is a perfect example of Stage's deeper, emotive style. Anchored by warm, fat beats and mountains of rippling bass it certainly has a hearty yet undeniably inviting low end. It's immaculate flow and emotive build is ultimately what makes it so irresistible though. Evolving effortlessly into the main break as blissful melodies meandering through a hazy mist, before smoothly transitioning into a chunky third act. The companion piece 'Basso Profundo' follows a similar sonic ethos, but with a more ominous leaning as ghostly choirs and cathedral-like motifs add a dramatic tone. Quite a unique piece and one that can quickly change the mood of a room for the better if timed right.

Given that this release is signalling the end of another fabulous year for Balkan Connection it seems only fitting that the two artists most important in the development of the label provide the remixes. Nicholas Van Orton and Ewan Rill have a combined 185 appearances on the Serbian imprint and they both deliver excellent interpretations beginning with Nicholas Van Orton. The BSCA label boss takes the serene vibes of 'Profound Bass' and reinvents them over a fuller groove and robust rhythmic core. While not quite as emotive as the original, there's a hopeful almost reflective mood which descends over the main break, advancing the storyboard nicely on into a groovy finale. Ewan meanwhile puts his magic touch on 'Basso Profundo', injecting the track with a healthy dose of energy and drive. The choir-like motifs from the original play a nice role during the break, reprocessed for maximum mind bending qualities as one of the Russian artists most powerful grooves carries the piece home. It rounds out what are two excellent originals and two excellent remixes from three of the progressive scenes most trustworthy names. A top release from Balkan Connection to lead us into the holiday season. Don't miss it.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2L1UkCX

Release Date: 10-12-2018

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