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Sod Sogima – Longing [Soundteller Records]

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In what is fast becoming a trend Deersky's Soundteller Records welcomes another new talent to the label in Sod Sogima. Hailing from Scotland and the UK, this mysterious duo first appeared in December of 2015 with an EP on Progrezo Records, only to quickly disappear thereafter. With a passion for all things mystical and melodic, the duo now reappear three years later with a much anticipated EP entitled 'Longing'.

The duo’s journey into deep, mystical techno continues with the lead track 'First'. Anchored by a hypno-infused foundation and smooth rhythmic structures, it’s a piece that builds through a variety of dramatic themes. Ethereal synths and cosmic effects continue to tantalize the senses as the emotive narrative evolves with smooth chord changes and creamy tones, dominating what is a short yet stunning break.

The companion piece ‘Far Away’ finds the duo going a touch darker while maintaining the sonic ethos set in 'First'. It’s punchy groove is flanked with buzzing synths and intriguing designs, while grainy percussion and rolling rhythms push the momentum forward. It’s evolving storyboard builds a delicate tension on through the break, as layers of percussion get washed away in favour of a wonderfully processed vocal narrative. Distinctive, memorable and unusually emotive it's a standout element in the journey and should be something that resonates with great strength on the dance floor. It rounds out what is a much welcome return for Sod Sogima who are yet another great addition to the Soundteller Records roster.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2L3QKrR

Release Date: 10-12-2018

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