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Sonic Union & Bastards Of Funk – Adjusting Levels [Beat Boutique]

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DJ Zombi's Beat Boutique welcomes Sonic Union & Bastards of Funk to the label for a new EP entitled 'Adjusting Levels'. The duo have been frequent studio partners over the last decade and have been enjoying a resurgence this year with releases on Afterglow, Mango Alley and Sonic Union's own Lowbit Records imprint. Now presenting their freshest work to date the duo debut on Beat Boutique alongside a remix from Alfonso Muchacho.

Beginning with the title selection the duo explore progressive and techno influences creating a piece that’s full of dance floor appeal. Smooth and detailed, it’s melodic storyboard quickly captures your imagination. Intricate designs coupled with deliberate rhythms and a tough, minimalistic groove give it sizable momentum, but It’s the break which ultimately seals it’s brilliance. Playing out over one minute, it’s clustered themes burrow deep into your subconscious before a timely drop shifts energy into a classy finale. The companion piece 'Warped' continues the melodic charm of the EP with bolder lead elements and a fuller, more progressive minded groove. It's symphonic like lead coupled with tranquil arps creates lovely contrast across the first act, eventually melting down into a short, timely and wonderfully emotive break.

The lone interpretation of 'Adjusting Levels' is provided by Alfonso Muchacho who returns to the label following his 'Identity' EP from June of this year. In addition to being one of the more humorous twitter follows, Alfonso has also been on a musical roll this year, knocking out massive productions each and every month. He continues to trend upwards here with a superb interpretation of 'Adjusting Levels'. Although quite a versatile artist, Alfonso is perhaps best known for his peak time creations, and that's what we get here in fine form. The main elements translate beautifully over a fuller, warmer and more driving groove. Everything hits home during the final act with heavenly harmonics creating a massive sense of space, set against a serene arp and robust, melodious foundation. Great stuff from Alfonso which rounds out another on the money release from Beat Boutique. Don't miss it.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2BYhoQl

Release Date: 08-10-2018

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