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Sasha & Super Flu – Astra [Last Night On Earth]

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Last Night on Earth label head Sasha is proving to be as innovative as ever in the studio of late. The globally renowned producer and game-changing DJ continues exploring rich new musical ground while retaining his signature sense of melody, drama, and energy. He has also made his label an outlet renowned for its quality output and backs that up here with a new collaboration alongside Feliks Thielemann & Mathias Schwarz, better known as Super Flu. The German pair has a sound that knows no bounds and breaks all rules. They tinker with music-making gear, draw from diverse musical influences and are underground mainstays with an enviable discography on numerous key labels.

Say the pair of the single, "This is a testament to the magic of collaboration. Working together with Sasha has been an incredible experience, blending our unique styles and energies into something truly special. This track embodies the fun and creativity we shared in the studio, each beat and riff reflecting our shared passion for electronic music. It is all about sharing those moments of creativity and connection with our listeners. We're excited to see where this music takes them and how it resonates with their own experiences on the dancefloor."

The electrifying 'Astra' is awash with smart effects and filters that smudge and stretch a vocal over rising synth tension. The heavy drums jostle for your attention as the chord vamps twist and turn, ramping up the pressure as they go and building towards a dramatic breakdown. It locks you in the moment before setting off again on more tightly woven drums and synths. The Sasha Daydream Mix is a more blissed-out and late-night rework with shakers, floating drums and deft synth lines drifting about up top to soothing and atmospheric effect.

Buy: https://orcd.co/lnoe155
Release Date: 23-05-2024

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