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Aman Anand, Rockka – Imperfect Cell [RKP]

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Presenting their fifteenth offering, Ruben Karapetyan's RKP welcomes Aman Anand and Rockka to the label for their first ever collaborations. Indian born, Singapore based artist Aman Anand has had much success across his twelve-year career. With a cutting-edge style, Aman has become beloved within the progressive music spectrum, recording standout projects for Juicebox Music, Mango Alley, Sudbeat and WARPP, while also earning play and support from the genre's elite guard in Guy J, Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren. Meanwhile, hailing from Sri Lanka, Rockka aka Lakith Adikaram has been releasing his own unique style of progressive music for the better part of three years. Making his mark through a series of Droid9 releases featuring deep and atmospheric grooves, Rockka demonstrated his mastery, paving the way for a notable ascent in his early career. Although younger than most of his contemporaries, the Nugegoda resident impressed going forward, quickly landing projects with Juicebox Music, iNU, Mango Alley and Yomo Records. Now, combining their extensive forces for the first time, Aman and Rockka add RKP to their respective resumes with a two-track showcase entitled 'Imperfect Cell'.

The EP's title selection 'Imperfect Cell'' sets the pace and lands with many of the duo's beloved production hallmarks. Tight kick drums and neatly manicured percussion provide a DJ friendly intro, as rhythmic pulses set the course for the bassline to deliver a rush of free-flowing energy. Cruising effortlessly across the first act, it's an amalgamation of sweeping sonics, psychedelic effects and wonky synth mutations which add further depth and character, a vibe which is sure to cast a prophetic mood over the dance floor. The duo's elusive vision shines during the main break, as they deliver a sense of tension and emotion that astute fans will appreciate, before pyrotechnic effects spark a strong synth driven finale.

Rounding out the release are the groovy qualities of 'Locked In', a track where Aman and Rockka aim squarely at a peak hour dancefloor once again. Marrying the classic and contemporary sounds of the genre, the duo crafts an aesthetic that is trippy, rhythmic and effortlessly cool, one that balances a loud-soft dynamic perfectly. Holographic effects flash through a whirlwind of rebounding rhythms and psychedelic monochromes across a smooth first movement, as tension continues to rise during the interlude, before robotized vocal loops and reverent pads melt down into highly explosive beats and heavy basslines for a thunderous finale.

Buy: https://tinyurl.com/4xwxrrk7

Release Date: 17-06-2023

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