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The Wash shares 10 Tracks that defined his vision of progressive house.

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Having started back in 2005 as a Tech-/Trance project, The Wash developed over the years a quite unique melange of hypnotic grooves, techy beats and spheric melodies. At first only as a DJ, the Austrian artist took the challenge in 2016 to establish his stage name also as producer. With productions for Mango Alley and YOMO, remixes for the likes of Quivver and Kamilo Sanclemente and the backing of his home bases Progressive World and ATELIER, The Wash is constantly building his reputation as one of the leading forces in the Austrian Progressive scene and shows that he is all but not tired of showcasing excellent music. This week finds The Wash making his debut on PURRFECTION with a remix of 'Ground' by label boss Forty Cats.

To celebrate the release of 'Ground', The Wash has curated a collection of 10 Tracks that defined his vision of progressive house. Enjoy!

Oliver Lieb - Subraumstimulation

The sound of Oliver Lieb between 1999 and 2005 is certainly one of the biggest influences of my productions. Genre bending, sample based, groovy but driving, edgy but also emotional. Subraumstimulation from 1999 was on repeat on my Sony Discman back then and definitely one of the reasons why I decided to buy turntables and start DJing just a bit later.

Mojado feat. Mr. Sam - Naranja (Dimitri Andreas Vision)

Out of my Trance time this from 2003 is one of the pieces that still does the trick. Loved by Tiesto, Paul van Dyk and Ferry Corsten, it made me embrace my Techno and Techtrance side. The raw but still super groovy beat makes me smile, even in 2024. Fun fact: I had to buy a second copy of it because I played the vinyl so much that it wore out!

Karen Overton - Your Loving Arms (Luca Ricci Tribal Edit)

2006: Tribal again. Although it never got an official release this is my favorite version of Your Loving Arms. The mesmerizing vocals of Karen Overton combined with this super groovy arrangement and some simple changes elevated the already great original into another sphere for me. Still playing, still loving it.

Fergie - Anon

Another track that is still super big in my sets. Fergie delivered some real bombs back then and out of those, Anon from 2008 is the one that amazed me most. Super raw and dark, super groovy and that hypnotic buildup instantly makes me throw my hands in the air.

Tonecast - Murder & Fingerprints (Simon & Shaker Remix)

Simon & Shaker were so ahead of time back then! The deep and hypnotic style they produced around 2008-2010 is timeless for me. In a time where music is sometimes loaded with catchy detail to keep the attention this is a refreshing counterpoint of how it can also be done. My friends Jan and Perry did a great job back then by signing this to their Secret Village Imprint!

Jamie Stevens - Scintilla

Jamie is one my biggest contemporary influences and Scintilla from 2015 is the perfect example of how outstanding his sound is. That monster bass from the very start, the arrangement, the groove, the bold minimalism, the elements he chose - I can't find words of how much this track changed my perception of producing.

DJ Nukem vs. Chab - Shaiva (Guy J Remix)

Guy J is for many of us a real inspiration. Out of the many great musical moments he provided us, this from 2015 is the one I cherish most. Oldschool Progressive meets contemporary sound. The ever ongoing loopy style of this in combination with the sharp signature stabs never fail to amaze me!

SEQU3L - Timelapse

Released on Praveen Achary's Juicebox in 2016 this is probably my favorite and most played track of the 2010s. Timelapse isn't entirely Progressive House but at the same time it represents exactly the progressive mindset I am always looking for. Heavy bass, reduced arrangement and a drop that is so intense that I at one of my gigs had tears of joy in my eyes. Always makes me smile, as right now when I am writing down my thoughts for you.

Forty Cats - Ledokol (Cid Inc Remix)

To be honest: I could make a Cid Inc only list of the tracks that inspired me. Henri is an integral part of my musical journey since his Mashtronic days, he was the first supporter of my productions and gave me so many moments of joy with his productions and DJ sets. His remix for Forty Cats in 2021 is still on heavy rotation in my sets - the gritty synth and especially the pad progression in the break are giving me pure uplifting happiness. Thank you for being you, Cid Inc!

Analog Jungs - Futura

I've mentioned this one from last year already on my Instagram channel and looking at the previous tracks of this list it's pretty obvious to add this as the last piece. It wraps up everything that I love in the other tracks and takes it to the next level. Edgy, groovy, tribalish, progressive. The title of the track is no understatement, for me this IS the future of progressive for sure.

'Ground' is available now via PURRFECTION: https://tinyurl.com/2s4e4bdn

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