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Haptic – Implicit Promise [Recovery Collective]

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The latest release from Recovery Collective welcomes Haptic to the label for his debut EP. Hailing from Australia, Haptic first emerged as a vocalist just about a decade ago on the strength of projects for Sincopat, Stil Vor Talent and Suara. Immediately beloved for his glacial chops, Haptic would go on to work with some of the underground's most highly regarded talents in AFFKT, Fideles, Rafael Cerato, Third Son and Tim Engelhardt, amongst others. Although always a producer, it has not been until recent years that Haptic has explored more solo productions, an endeavor that has proved quite successful as he arrives to Recovery Collective with the concept EP 'Implicit Promise', alongside remixes from Copini, Geoffrey Murdock, Blake Strange and Elliot Creed.

Beginning with 'Descent To Waking' Haptic explores the contemporary melodic house and techno sound which continues to be an ever-evolving trend. Full of cosmic qualities, the Manchester resident smoothly blends tough kick drums and electric grooves with cutting edge synth mutations and clattering percussive arrangements, resulting in an energetic yet tense vibe across the first act. Looking to bring a greater sense of emotion, Haptic's distinctive vocals emerge, stealing the air with a breathy flair, flowing in panoramic fashion across the break, as modulation reaches a feverous peak for a powerful drop and groove-centric finale. Beneath the powerful tidal waves of 'Descent To Waking' lies the ghostly qualities of 'You Are What I Need'. The vocal style here is much more classic Haptic I would say, very reminiscent of some of his many hits over the last decade, and it works amazingly well atop machine-gun style grooves and an array of clever sonic co-actions for what results in a perfect mid-set style track. The third and final original 'Requiem' continues the main room assault with a cohesive blend of muscular beats, quirky arps and emotive chord changes. A running vocal narrative does wonders for the overall narrative, while always finding the right opportunity to pull back into gates and set up the next magic moment.

In what is an expansive package there are four remixes to chose from beginning with Copini who arrives following releases for Massamo's Stimulate imprint and Markus Schulz's Coldharbour. Always a creative remixer, the Brazilian artist brings a greater club sensibility to lead track 'Descent To Walking'. Complete with distinctive chord stabs and wavy arpeggiated sequences, it's an adrenalized energy rush for the ages and one a peak time dance floor will no doubt appreciate.

Moving forward to remix number two, Geoffrey Murdock puts his own unique twist on 'You Are What I Need'. The Canadian artist opts for a bigger approach, with muscular kick drums and rippling grooves laying the foundation for Haptic's distinctive chops to work their magic, all while never losing sight of a strong rhythmic cadence and prophetic monochrome which continues to build throughout.

Australian born, Germany based artist Blake Strange is up next following projects for Frequenza and Jannowitz. With a creative approach, the Berlin resident remodels the track into an exhilarating slice of melodic techno. Bound together by a pulsating hypno-architecture, it's a blend of machine gun grooves, shape-shifting effects, and perfectly utilized vocals which ultimately carries this epic journey, one where Blake unlocks an even bigger part of his studio repertoire.

Rounding out the release with the fourth and final remix is Elliot Creed who returns to the label for his third appearance. The Melbourne resident also takes to 'Requiem' with great success, bringing a progressive state of mind, while balancing the themes from the original with his own nostalgic sound. Haptic's vocals get infused with balmy melodies and fuzzed out sonics atop thunderous beats and rippling grooves; while a timely break creates a perfect loud/soft dynamic to round out the release on a poignant note. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 07-06-2023

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