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Rudra – Way Forward [Movement Limited]

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Tash's Movement Limited welcomes Rudra to the label for his debut EP. As one of India's longest running progressive house artists, Rudra has been a fixture of the genre's scene for well over a decade. First emerging in 2012, the Kolkata resident has steadily been making a name for himself with a string of well-crafted records that present a cutting edge sound. 3rd Avenue, aboriginal, Juicebox Music and Mango Alley have all been landing spots for Rudra's elusive sound, while he continues to earn support from progressive music's top tastemakers. Now, fresh off a remix for Arcedian to open 2024, Rudra presents his first original productions of the year, making his Movement Limited debut with 'Way Forward'.

Beginning with 'Way Forward' Rudra puts a firm focus on the dance floor which sets the tone for the EP. Full of rejuvenating energies, the Kolkata resident expertly blends punchy kick drums and electric grooves with flashing percussion and chunky bass stabs. An array of orbiting effects serve to set tension as the first act evolves, eventually revealing an off kilter lead which steals the air. Casting a darker monochrome over the journey, it's a wave of mind-bending modulation which ultimately sparks a magical dancefloor moment as the main break approaches. Melting down to a set of prophetic tones across the interlude, Rudra's keen dancefloor sensibility shines here, as a scaled back drop carefully reassembles the parts for a grooved out conclusion.

Rounding out the release are the hard hypnotic qualities of 'Manifest'. Tight, compact and bursting with ultrasonic energies, the track's first movement is built around quirky hooks, flickering arps and a grinding drive which carries energy into the main break. Rudra's creative attitude takes hold as the interlude evolves, with unpredictable synth mutations and buzzing effects eventually giving way to a hopeful melody which reveals a lighter monochrome, one which pushes onwards to a finale that is equal parts cosmic and thought-provoking.

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Release Date: 19-04-2023

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