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Richard Dominguez – I Am Letting You Go [Stellar Fountain]

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Stellar Fountain opens the month of December by welcoming Richard Dominguez to the label. Hailing from Argentina, Richard Dominguez is at the beginning of his production journey. Although his first release landed in 2018 via Unique Revolution, it wasn't until late last year where he found his calling in organic house with a three-track showcase via Fernando Ferrerya's Dreamers imprint. Well received by both progressive and organic DJs alike, it has set the stage for his much anticipated Stellar Fountain debut 'I Am Letting You Go', alongside remixes from  Hernan Martinez (AR) and Niko Garcia.

Calling upon the vocal talents of Samira Hindie, Richard crafts an organic creation which is equal parts groovy and emotive. Layers of exotic percussion and soulful phrasing blanket warm beats and voluptuous grooves, perfectly setting the course for a heartfelt vocal reveal. Wonderfully processed, Samira's enchanting chops carry a hopeful energy into the break, eventually juxtaposed with tasteful piano's and misty atmospheres, as the beats drop for a glowing finale. And for the less vocally inclined there is also an instrumental version included as well.

Buenos Aires resident Hernan Martinez returns to the label for the first remix following releases for AH Digital, Future Avenue and Polyptych. The Argentinean artist makes great use of the piano elements, reassembling them at key moments across the eight minute journey. Timely placement and subtle reprocessing of the vocal does wonders to add depth and emotion to the mix, a feeling which ultimately peaks during the main break and continues onwards during a thumping atmospheric finale.

The release concludes with Niko Garcia returning to the label for the second and final interpretation of 'I Am Letting You Go'. Also based in Argentina, Niko lands back on the label following releases for Future Avenue, Nordic Voyage and Suprematic. The Buenos Aires resident takes a nostalgic approach with nature-centric samples and exotic drums blanketing buoyant beats and warm, key changing bass grooves. Sparkling arps add a lovely effervescent quality to the mix, a feeling which the vocal plays off wonderfully throughout, ultimately capping off the release on a strong note. Highly recommended. 

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Release Date: 09-12-2022

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