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Pelace – Kali (Hollt Remix) [Infinite Depth]

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Almost half a year after the album release and two months after its vinyl release, it's time for a remix collection of the 'Echoes' album by Pelace. The purpose behind the remixes was to connect electronica with the modern-day melodic techno. It became a great selection of which Fat Cosmoe, Precursor, Hollt, Aalson and Convolute return to the label. Besides, Kimman and Ikaro Grati are making their debut.

The package starts off with Fat Cosmoe his remix of 'Forever Together', which was the intro track of the album. The feeling of the elements of the original track is preserved very well. Around these elements a dancefloor focused and stabby arrangement has been added, to make the track pounding and emotional at the same time.

Precursor went a different direction with his electronica aimed interpretation of 'Deep Sea Dreaming'. A certain flow lead by the percussion and main synth made the basis of the track. Throughout the track all parts are coming together on top of this flow, which forms great synergy.

Kimman's remix of 'Patterns' is representing the darker side of the collection. With harsh, somewhat aggressive, but superb components they build their track using the original's midi. The remix consists of three parts building towards the moment where everything intertwines perfectly.

For the remix of 'Kali', Hollt made a monumental piece of melodic house. A lot of the original parts are used, which makes this track a direct translation into Hollt's signature sound. Where the track seems a bit empty at the beginning, it becomes highly effective, uplifting and full of surprises throughout the arrangement.

Another Belgium based talent, who goes by the name of Ikaro Grati, is the one who did a remix of the title track 'Echoes From The Past'. In his remix he stripped down the original quite far and build a danceable, uplifting and ecstatic track around one of the midi's and the main vocals.

Aalson his interpretation of 'Pushing You Away' represents the emotional part of the collection. After Starting off very timid, the track unfolds itself into a sophisticated play of intriguing and floating elements, which are giving more and more during the track.

For the final track Convolute did what they can do best. Their remix of 'I Won't Hesitate' became a thoughtful and electronica focused track, in which they perfectly recreated the lead synth while giving it some extra body. Everything accompanied by a satisfying breakbeat and an atmospheric use of the vocals.

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Release Date: 24-03-2023



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