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Pedro Capelossi – Nameless Faceless [Refraction Records]

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Refraction Records opens the summer season with a new EP from label boss Pedro Capelossi. Brazilian born, Spain based artist Pedro Capelossi has been at the cutting edge of electronic music for the better part of a decade. Comparable to the path of his contemporaries, Pedro has found a way to create a personal universe by exploring electronic sounds, and ultimately finding his own place in the trend-driven state of underground dance music. Fully formed within the creative confines of his Barcelona studio, Pedro's first Refraction project 'Supernova', not only served as the imprints inaugural offering, but continued his mission to create contemporary club tools and destabilizing sound explorations. With the immediate success of Refraction sweeping across the first two quarters of 2024, Pedro now returns to his flagship imprint with the sophomore effort ‘Nameless Faceless’, alongside remixes from Federsen, Schime and Stimmhalt.

Beginning with the glacial monochromes of ‘Nameless Faceless’, Pedro’s craftsmanship reveals itself across the slow-burning piece, one where textural drifts, panning bells and glitched-out electronics fall like rain-drops, atop spacious grooves and finely tuned percussion. Its whispering suspense while perfect for an astute dancefloor, also acts as an ideal segue into the frost-filled sighs of ‘Secret Encounters’. Scattered tonal motifs and icey synth modulations are bound by gravity, constantly falling into retro-overlays, deconstructed vocals and ghostly swirls of wind. Pedro’s haunting aesthetic continues on the third and final selection ‘Vertical Blue’. Perhaps the most expansive of the three, its seven-minute running time sets you adrift in soundscapes that are both intimate and wide-ranging. Delicate crystal-like drones engulf your attention whole, creating a sombre, ceremonial backdrop for misty glitches and fog-like swells to create a scenic storyboard.

Making his label debut with the lone interpretation of ‘Nameless Faceless’ is Federsen. Since emerging in 2011, San Francisco based sound architect Federsen has developed a distinct brand of deep dubby techno. Renowned for his hazy textures and minimal yet club-effective approach, the American artist has compiled an impressive resume across a near fifteen-year stretch. Greyscale, Seven Villas, spclnch and his own Fifth Interval imprint have been regular landing spots for his thought-provoking productions, as he continues to maneuver himself through the confines of modern techno music. With 2024 getting underway with a contribution to Lempuyang’s ‘Pura Lempuyang Dua’ collection, Federsen now makes his Refraction debut with a live take on ‘Nameless Faceless’. Always a creative remixer, the American’s freeform movement discreetly glides up into celestial realms, burrowing deeper into your amygdala, before carefully pulling back to create a panoramic rollercoaster of submerged beats, minimal electronics and subtle undertones.

Also making his label debut is Schime who provides the lone interpretation of ‘Secret Encounters’. With more than a decade of experience releasing music, Hungarian artist Sanyi Egyed aka Schime has carved out a unique place within the deeper realms of techno. A meditative, character-rich sound has served the Hatvan resident well, notching releases via HardCutz, Kootz Music and Simple Things, while remaining a fixture of Hungary’s nightlife as a DJ, with his atmospheric yet groovy approach to dancefloor dynamics, one that continues to win over even the most discerning of crowds. 2024 has seen Schime remain an in demand remixer, continuing to impress with his cohesive blend of deep hypnotic techno and experimental composition. Now, continuing on this explorative path, Schime adds Refraction to his resume with a groovy interpretation of ‘Secret Encounters’. The Hungarian’s club-effective take weaves through propulsive moments of techno, tech-house and dub, balanced out by three timely interludes and extended effects passages, with a constant experimental instinct that drives the music forward into parts unknown.

The release concludes with a third label debutant in Stimmhalt providing the lone interpretation of ‘Vertical Blue’. Active since 2011, the Stimmhalt project explores an intersection of organic house, electronica and various sub-genres of techno. Celebrated for his releases via Akbal Music, Kindisch, Rebellion and Seven Villas, the Georgian producer/DJ has been in constant motion, performing at the world’s premiere festivals and clubs, most notably Burning Man, Decibel, Echowaves and Showbox Seattle. Increasingly selective with his projects in recent years, Stimmhalt now presents his first offering of 2024, making his Refraction debut with a stellar rendition of ‘Vertical Blue’. The Tbilisi resident shows a deft hand and a strong sense of personality, as organic sounds soon become smudged by sonic artefacts, drifting vocal fragments and grainy billows of reverb. A deep yet rejuvenating experience, one which not only rounds out the release on a strong note, but adds another summer backroom club tool to your arsenal.

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Release Date: 28-06-2023

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