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Julien Vertigo – Eclectica [Enormous Vision]

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Enormous Vision opens the summer season by welcoming Julien Vertigo back to the label for a new EP. Hailing from Switzerland, Julien first emerged in 2019 with a pair of singles for Garden18 Records. Immediately noted for his blend of progressive and melodic house, the Gland resident would gain momentum quickly across the next three calendar years, recording projects for Bullfinch, Mirror Walk, Rabbit Records and Uxoa Dutxa Elite, amongst others; while also earning the praise of Fideles, Henri Bergmann, Joris Voorn, Kevin de Vries, Øostil and Tiesto. Julien's production success would further his career as a DJ as well, landing gigs at prominent Swiss venues alongside international talents such as Massano, Nora En Pure and Rebūke. A creative partnership with Enormous Vision was established in July of last year with 'Out of Our Control', a well-received two-track showcase which still holds a place in Julien's Beatport best sellers a year after it's release. With 2024 already yielding projects for Inspired By Trees, Julien now returns to Enormous Vision with a thematic three-track showcase entitled 'Eclectica'.

The EP's title selection 'Eclectica' sets the pace and lands with many of Julien's beloved production hallmarks. Tight kick drums and neatly manicured percussion provide a DJ friendly intro, as crunchy rhythms and percussive flurries add character and cadence. Cruising smoothly across the first act, it's meandering atmospheres set a glowing backdrop for the bassline to deliver a rush of free-flowing energy, as emotive chord changes and poignant synth phrasing coax perfectly as the main break commences. Julien's elusive vision shines during the interlude, as he maintains a sense of restraint and beauty, carefully placing piano-like motifs as effects percolate and tension rises, a mood that astute progressive house fans will certainly appreciate, before smoothly shifting gears into a gorgeous final act.

Selection two 'Esoteria' lands with an equally impressive display of craftsmanship. Here Julien continues to showcase his keen sense of dancefloor dynamics, marrying the classic and contemporary sounds of the genre and in turn creating an aesthetic that is groovy, haunting and effortlessly cool. Holographic synths flash through a whirlwind of rebounding rhythms and coral monochromes across a smooth first movement, as mood and tension continue to rise during the interlude, before reverent textures meet highly explosive beats and swing heavy basslines for a finale that is equal parts powerful and emotional.

The release concludes with 'Ephemeria Astral', a track which finds Julien showcasing a deeper side of his repertoire. Once again created with a tasteful sense of emotion, it's a free-flowing exchange of broken beats, cinematic soundscapes and feathered percussive arrangements which create the backbone for this otherworldly journey. Processed pianos and siren-like synth flares provide an enduring main theme, while a wonderfully windswept break carefully elevates mood, all while maintaining an underlying sense of ambience, perfectly setting up a freeform finale that might be the highlight of Julien's resume thus far. Highly recommended.

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Release Date: 24-06-2023

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