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Paul Kardos – Metamorphosis [Soundteller Records]

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Paul Kardos returns to Deersky’s Soundteller Records, presenting his much anticipated debut album. The Hungarian artist has long since solidified himself amongst his country’s top progressive house talents. Releases on Movement Recordings and Perspectives Digital coupled with support from Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren have made for a great 2018. Now looking to display just how diverse his studio repertoire is Paul presents his debut album ‘Metamorphosis’.

I’ve never really been a fan of ‘club’ albums so I'm always thankful when artists take the opportunity to spread their creative wings on a long player. Paul does just that beginning the seven track opus with three electronica pieces. The aptly titled 'Flutework' explores fluttery flute motifs, wispy atmospherics and laid back rhythms, ultimately setting the stage for ‘Background Rendering’ which continues the organic narrative. It's broken beats, warm swells and fragmented vocals create a gorgeous collage of sound and colour. There's a hopeful vibe locked in here and one which gets the journey off to a pleasing start. The title track stands out with its transcendent blend of music and nature. Dulcet tones give it a dubby quality while a collage of effervescent fauna and glassy arps make for a hugely satisfying sensory journey.

The narrative then shifts into the dance floor oriented act of the album with three club worthy cuts. Paul’s pure progressive sound is on fine form beginning with the smooth yet euphoric ‘Amoeba’. Metallic melodies slowly melt their way into your subconscious while pulsating rhythms and charged beats keep energy at a premium. An expansive break works dramatic wonders, flowing through astral effects and fuzzed out stabs, before hitting home with a powerful drop. ‘On the Ether’ continues the energetic climb with a rolling groove and bulbous beats. Again musically fresh, it’s melodic fragments while not fully formed themes work incredibly well with the tracks smooth cadence, leading perfectly into an emotive centrepiece. Intertwined arps work wonders here, impassioned and trippy in equal measure, they not only setup a deadly re-entry but also lead into the collection’s most emotive club construction ‘Last Lost Letter’. The feel good factor is certainly high with jangly hooks dominating the narrative before tasteful modulation peaks anticipation during the main break. Definitely one I could see Guy J playing and it rounds out three perfect progressive creations which make up the heart of this LP.

The collection concludes with ‘Leave Reminder’ which is full of reflective themes and haunting refrains. Clocking in at six minutes it’s a dream-like excursion with tepid overtones and heartfelt synth spirals. A perfect piece to look back on the journey and one to hold close to your heart. It rounds out a diverse and exciting collection of music from Paul who remains one of progressive music’s top talents. Highly Recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2zn7PsD

Release Date: 24-09-2018

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