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Galexis – Eternal Black EP [ICONYC Noir]

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Following a remix for John Johnson’s ICONYC, Galexis now debuts on label offshoot ‘Noir’ with ‘Eternal Black’. The German artist expertly overhauled Chris Cargo’s ‘Persistence’ into a Bodzin-esque slice of melodic techno, a remix that would have to be considered the most well received production of his career. It’s a sound that fits into the label’s ‘Noir’ ethos nicely so it comes as no surprise to see two fresh originals appear on the imprint here.

Tough yet warm, the title and showcase piece begins with punchy beats and bulbous swells. It commands a big presence out of the gate but you’re quickly whisked away into astral territory, as cosmic arps fade in and out of the mix, while a dynamic lead theme adds grandiose flair. Flawlessly executed, the main break dials things down to a warm, atmospheric purr before flurries of noise and percussion unite in a tasteful apex.

The companion piece ‘Exosphere’ follows suit with a punchy yet warm foundation. It’s flowing lines and dulcet themes are enticing early on but it’s the effortless delivery which makes the composition work so well. Liquid like transitions move the piece into timeless territory before a final break shifts the journey once more for a rhythmic finale. Although a new name to most I’m sure, Galexis has firmly established himself as a top up and coming talent in the progressive underground. A smart signing for John Johnson’s ICONYC Noir who build on a great start last week. Highly Recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2NCORqM

Release Date: 24-09-2018

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