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Ornery – Fate [Flemcy Music]

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The latest release from Flemcy Music welcomes Ornery back to the label for a new artist showcase entitled ‘Fate’. The Italian born, Berlin based producer has found a comfortable home on the UK imprint, with this being his 20th appearance since making his debut in January of 2016. Also owning releases on LW Records and his own Lost Crate imprint, Ornery continues to operate at a creative peak. His latest offering for Flemcy proves to be his most accomplished work to date and has already created a buzz in the underground with support from Sasha, Guy J and Agents of Time.

Spread across six tracks it’s the cosmic stylings of ‘Hydra’ which get the journey underway. Warm bass swells power the foundation while arpeggiated clusters and rolling rhythms fill in the framework. A detailed percussive complement builds momentum, before stripping away into a timely break, where tasteful modulation melts down to a trail of sonic artefacts as a classy drop seals it’s brilliance. The tempo shifts down a touch with ‘Arrow’ which is an equally intriguing slice of hypno tech. There’s a massive presence lurking in this piece and it’s accomplished with so little, which makes it even more impressive. It’s the simple things like modulation on the primary motif and to a larger extent the clap which really keep you coming back for more on this one. Definitely well suited to a big cavernous room. The ethereal vibes continue with ‘Swan’ which immediately sucks you in with its pulsating groove and tranquil synths. Much like ‘Arrow’ simplicity is the key here and it only succeeds because the production is on point. All the elements from fiery percussion to meditative motifs and gaseous atmospheres sit perfectly in the mix, allowing for the ultimate widescreen appeal. Tasteful in every aspect, the execution of the break builds tension without needing sledgehammer tactics to do so, it’s a subtle art which Ornery seems to have an uncanny knack for.

The EP’s halfway point is marked by the solemn vibes of 'Flame'. Again sticking to the astral ethos of the collection it's a slice of melodic minimalism that sounds tailor made for the sets of Tale Of Us. Persuasive percussion and subtle shifts in narrative are all it takes for this subversive beauty to charm your senses. It's smooth elegance perfectly sets up the EP's fifth offering in 'Pearl'. The beats toughen up a touch here for an almost warehouse style vibe, where the anticipatory mood created by the top line synths is incredibly effective. Rounding out a concept showcase like this one is a tricky thing because the package as a whole, while not an album is much more than an EP. Ornery gets the mood exactly right on 'Orchid' which does come across as the most reflective piece of the six. There's a hopeful elegance about it which has you looking back on collection fondly and also wondering what's next to come from this talented artist. For all of you who were fans of the iconic 'Lost' television series these six compositions are a tribute to the six stations. While I've never seen the show, having now listened to and enjoyed this it does make me want to check it out that much more. A stunning collection of music from Ornery and another brilliant release from Flemcy Music, a label which has been peaking the interest of many top DJ's this year. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2RO8A5d

Release Date: 16-10-2018

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