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Nichols (UK) – Tremors [Strange Town Recordings]

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Strange Town Recordings continues a strong start to the year with a new single from Nichols. The UK based artist is perhaps best known for his appearances on Nick Warren's The Soundgarden, Balance Music, Mango Alley and MNL. Here he makes his Strange Town debut with the excellent 'Tremors'. Aptly titled, the seven minute creation begins with a darker undertone, primarily in the low end, which eventually gets offset with evolving arps and emerging atmospheres. Nicely detailed with timely drum rolls and precise percussion it's as much a feast for the senses as it is the dance floor.

First up on the remixes is one of Brazil's finest progressive house producers Luciano Scheffer. With a career that spans the better part of a decade, the Sao Paulo resident has showcased his music on Antrim's Or Two Strangers, Clubsonica Records and Droid9. Always a creative remixer, Luciano takes 'Tremors' into the deeper, more subversive depths of the progressive spectrum. Build around rhythm and flow, it's meditative drive and trippy phrasing gets you locked almost instantly, before a cosmic break resets the groove for a devilish drop and pulsating finale.

Rounding out the release and also making his label debut is Renga Weh. Based in Germany and best known for releases on Hoomidaas, Manual Music and Rebellion der Traumer, Renga provides a laid back, spaced out interpretation of 'Tremors' which complements the previous versions quite nicely. Staying a bit truer to the original but with a greater ethereal presence brings a unique and astral quality to the main theme, all while an acid accented groove keeps things firmly on the dance floor. A creative remix from Renga which caps an excellent Strange Town debut for all three artists involved. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/3jJ7171

Release Date: 15-02-2021

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