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Kollektiv Ost Feat. Allies For Everyone – Before (Original Mix) [Dantze]

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Wondrous sounds are brought to Dantze by Kollektiv Ost. For the track ‚Before' these sounds are laid over a 4/4 and combined with vocals by Allies For Everyone, which are emotionally lying somewhere between post punk and indie. Nicone's remix of it brings an understated wave sound with a hammering bassline. But only on the second half of the track it is clearly recognisable where it originates from. Before there is only a subtle feeling picked up from the original. As soon as the vocals are brought to the drop, all pieces fall into place for that remix. A third and clean mix of ‚Before' is added to the release as well. Such leaves a lot more space, which is used to give greater emphasis to the vocal lines. Finally another track, called ‚Twice' was added. It is a wild sound built of wobbles morphing in many different ways, that are combined with a hypnotic synth line on a casual deep house beat.

Buy: bit.ly/3jKd3UB
Release Date: 12-02-2021



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