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Alejo Fochi – Sometimes I Dream EP [Buddhabrot]

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Presenting their second release of 2021, Buddhabrot welcomes Alejo Fochi to the label for his debut EP. Born in Santiago del estero but now based in Cordoba, the Argentinean artist is early in his electronic music journey. Already a known DJ his country however, Alejo has shared the booth with top progressive music talents such as Mariano Mellino and Matias Chilano, while landing releases on BQ Recordings and Polyptych. Now stepping up for his first Buddhabrot project, Alejo presents a two track showcase entitled 'Sometimes I Dream'.

Beginning with 'Light Sleep' Alejo crafts a groovy, atmospheric slice of progressive house. Free and flowing from the outset, its rolling low end is perfectly contoured, providing momentous swing while fragmented vocals and wispy effects fill in the framework. Atmospheres continue to rise across the first act, perfectly setting up an emotive lead line which shifts energy into the main break. Concise yet powerful, the centrepiece melts down to a tranquil glow as melodic lines intertwine, eventually leading to a warm drop and smooth finale.

The companion piece ‘Distracted Presence ’ caps off the EP with a similarly groovy ethos. Once again backed by a well carved foundation, it’s a wave of intricate percussion and melodic fragments which push momentum forward. Emotive melodies gradually open up, adding a unique musicality, while warm overlays and atmospheric swells segue into the break. As the centrepiece evolves so to does it’s emotional appeal, eventually melting down to a gorgeous wall of melody and colour as the beats drop for a purring finale. It rounds out a stunning two track offering from Alejo Fochi, who makes an excellent Buddhabrot debut here. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2ZaszzO

Release Date: 15-02-2021

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