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Niceshot – Sunset Breezes [Soundteller Records]

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Niceshot continues a strong year with a stunning new EP on Deersky's Soundteller Records. The Argentinean artist is fresh off a collaborative single with fellow countryman Martin Gardoqui. Released through Francesco Pico's Magnitude Recordings just last week it continued a remarkable run of releases which now leads to his Soundteller debut entitled 'Sunset Breezes'.

It's nice when tracks get appropriately titled and the lead piece 'Sunset Breezes' is quite aptly coined. Smooth, refreshing and full of emotive qualities it literally is a breath of fresh air. Soulful vocal accents and panning mallet-like clusters advance the storyboard into a tranquil break, before a tepid rush transitions the piece into a glowing finale.

The companion track 'Those Days' is equally beautiful with peaceful atmospheres and glowing arps sitting atop a warm, fluid framework. Simple yet timeless, it's airy atmopheres and dulcet tones round out a summery sounding release that's perfect for the dancefloor or your living room. Gorgeous music from Niceshot which makes for a great debut on Soundteller Records. Don't miss it.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2yPeECv

Release Date: 05-11-2018

Release Promo: http://releasepromo.com

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  1. Niceshot

    5th November 2018 at 23:45

    thanks for the review progressive astronaut crew 🙂


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