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Midnight Riders – Phangan (incl. Alex Twin & Jim Rider Remixes) [Midnight Riders]

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Robbie Akbal is a Mexican organic house artist who recently launched his new record label, Midnight Riders. The label's new release features enchanting original music from Robbie Akbal alongside remixes by Alex Twin and Jim Rider.

Midnight Riders is the sister label to Robbie Akbal's long-established Akbal Music with the aim of creating an outlet for the more melodic side of his sound.

One of North America's most respected underground artists, Robbie Akbal is known for his laidback grooves with soothing melodies and earthy percussion. He has travelled the world to DJ everywhere from Berlin to Tokyo, and is also a skilled producer that along with releasing music via his own record labels, has also featured on other prestigious imprints such as Sol Selectas and Crosstown Rebels.

On remix duty, Alex Twin is an organic house artist from Dubai who is a driving force within the country's club scene where he DJs regularly. He is also a talented producer who has built up a back catalogue including music on labels such as Bar 25, Cosmic Awakenings and Pipe & Pochet.

Also providing a remix, Jim Rider is a UK artist with close ties to Lee Burridge and his record labels All Day I Dream, TRYBESof and Tale & Tone. He has also released his majestic style via the likes of Kindisch and Akbal Music.

"Phangan" is the solo original track on this release and it's a mesmerising piece of music that orientates around upbeat percussion and trippy synth pads, which lay the foundation for a stunning sitar performance by Sidartha Siliceo. The track's breakdown is cut by dramatic bursts of percussion as it builds suspense to when the kick drum reappears and the sitar lifts it to new levels of psychedelia.

Alex Twin's remix of Phangan loops sections of the sitar and adds additional percussion to create a chunky groove that doesn't lose any of the original's trippy vibes while stepping the energy up a gear.

Jim Rider's remix adds a melodic bassline and epic synths that give his version an expansive sound, which creates an uplifting vibe shrouded in an immersive atmosphere that's perfect for the dance floor.

You can buy the release here.


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