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Darksidevinyl & Kiberu – Henaia [Earthly Delights]

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Earthly Delights is a record label that releases organic tracks with deep atmosphere and flowing percussion. The label's latest release is a collaborative Afro house EP by Darksidevinyl and Kiberu.

This is the first time that Darksidevinyl and Kiberu have teamed up in the studio, but both are successful solo producers.

Darksidevinyl is an Egyptian artist currently living in Vienna whose style is a compelling blend of melodic synths and tribal percussion. He has released tracks on labels including the likes of MoBlack, Selador, Yoshitoshi, Akbal Music and Go Deeva Records. He is also a talented DJ who is well-known within the Austrian club scene.

Kiberu is a Swiss artist from Zürich who spent many years cutting his teeth as a DJ before translating his innate knowledge of what works on the dance floor into producing music. He has an upbeat style with powerful melodies and his tracks and remixes can be found on scene-leading labels ranging from Systematic to Renaissance Records.

"Catava" opens the release with fluttering synth stabs and a live conga loop giving the groove a loose and free-flowing vibe, which is augmented with steel drums and shaking top-end percussion. Dramatic horn stabs add to the upbeat vibe of this captivating track.

"Zulu" has heavy downbeat percussion layered with an electrotyping arpeggio and a tense melody synth that is underpinned by a chunky kick drum. Utilising vocal chants and shuffling hi-hats, the track is full of majestic suspense.

"Henaia" closes out the release with tribal rhythms and poignant piano chords that are layered alongside an epic synth line. The track's expansive sound is augmented by the psychedelic vibes of the first breakdown section and the spine-tingling tantalisation of the second breakdown.

You can purchase the release HERE.


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