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Lucas Rossi – Traveller [Soundteller Records]

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The latest release from Deersky’s Soundteller Records welcomes Lucas Rossi back to the label for his debut EP. The Argentinean artist first appeared on the Polish imprint in October of 2017 with an excellent remix of 'Monsoon' by Danidu & Subandrio. March of this year saw Lucas return and remix another Sri Lankan star in Nishan Lee, before eventually going on to a release with Antrim's Or Two Strangers. Also holding Nick Warren's The Soundgarden on his discography, Lucas now presents his first artist showcase for Soundteller entitled 'Traveller'.

Beginning with 'Random' Lucas explores the pure progressive sensibilities for which he's become so beloved. Warm, inviting and undeniably smooth, it’s a creation which quickly captures your imagination, pulsating with swing heavy momentum as wispy effects, electric lines and atmospheric drifts further saturate your senses. Bursting with positive vibes the main break proves impactful, spanning just under a minute in length, advancing the narrative with ethereal phrases and emotive chord changes, before eventually melting down into a classy drop and driving finale.

The second selection ‘Unstable’ sits in a similar sonic space but comes off a touch more energetic. It’s tight beats, rapid rhythmic core and warm, rolling low end bring big momentum early. A wave of detailed percussion and intricate electronics create a gorgeous narrative, as a more distinct melodic theme fades to prominence. It's this wonky arp and timely overlays which ultimately blanket the track leading into the break. Tasteful modulation adds just the right amount of quirkiness to the main theme as a rush of beats and drums summons the bassline for a smooth yet powerful re-entry.

Rounding out the release are the sleek yet powerful vibes of the title piece 'Traveller'. The tempo and drive shift seem to shift up one more gear here with a full, rolling groove and spastic arps. A short break brings a wave of cosmic dust, eventually revealing a tranquil yet catchy line which flows nicely into the tracks short but memorable centrepiece. There's some sizable drama here, perhaps the most impactful on the EP in fact, as an effervescent sizzle ensues, bringing moments of tension and euphoria before perfectly shifting energy into an heavenly finale. It rounds out a sensational EP from Lucas who makes his first original project for Soundteller a memorable one. Expect to be hearing these a lot in the coming months. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2XqwlDC

Release Date: 18-11-2019

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