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Kenshi Kamaro – Nebula [Another Life Music]

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Another Life Music continues a strong start to the year by welcoming Kenshi Kamaro back to the label for a new single. The Swiss artist has become a mainstay of the Another Life roster, having appeared four times across 2019, while beginning 2020 with a remix of Ramin Helvet's 'Moevre'. Now following a well received collaboration with Bynomic (via Deepersense Music), Kenshi lands back on Another Life with 'Nebula' alongside remixes from Bynomic, Christian Monique and Stan Seba.

Diverse in his sonic approach, Kenshi opts for an ethereal progressive vibe on 'Nebula'. Known for his immaculately sculpted grooves, the Swiss artist has fashioned yet another one here with a robust, well contoured low end which ultimately drives the creation. Ghostly vocal wails then descend over the framework, while fiery percussion and luminous overlays add texture and momentum to the narrative. Ultimately stealing the show is a trance inspired lead, cascading and luminous these electric lines bring a euphoric vibe into the main break, before smoothly seguing into an exhilarating final act.

The first interpretation of 'Nebula' is provided by Another Life label boss Bynomic. The Zurich resident has gotten 2020 off to a great start with a contribution to Soundteller's popular 'Vibrant Vibeland' series along with his 'Space Flower' collaboration alongside Kenshi Kamaro himself. Bynomic now takes to remixing his sometime studio partner with excellent results. The main themes translate beautifully here with a powerful reshape on the low end adding a touch more swing. Clattering percussion brings further depth and drive as a wall of atmospheric colour slowly grows across the first act, ultimately setting the stage for the lead motifs to work their magic. Effervescent and youthful, it's a kaleidoscope of fuzzy arps which brings the storyboard to peak levels of euphoria, while electric lines provide a rousing road home.

The second interpretation of 'Nebula' is provided by Christian Monique who makes his label debut. As one of Italy's most highly regarded progressive house producers, the Venice born artist has showcased his music on a wide array of the genre's highly regarded imprints, most notably Balkan Connection, Bonzai Progressive, Black Hole Recordings and Soundteller Records. Now making a long overdue first appearance on Another Life Christian turns in a stellar rendition of 'Nebula'. Opting for a dubbier approach has made for a great complement to the previous two versions and once again shows the Italian's far reaching creativity. It's tight, compact groove comes with remarkable roll as finely tuned percussion sits in a perfect sonic space. The vocal wail plays nicely over the atmospheric framework before striping down into a section of breakbeats. The lead melody is gently teased here, processed and fragmented for maximum impact before getting washed away into chugging drop.

Rounding out the release and providing the third and final interpretation of 'Nebula' is Stan Seba who also makes his label debut. The German born, Korea based artist has coursed a unique path since first appearing on the progressive music scene in 2013. His amalgamation of progressive house and trance has found a home on DrizzlyMusic, Elliptical Sun Melodies, Massive Harmony Records and Zephyr Music. Getting 2020 off to a great start saw Stan release his two track 'Flight to ICN' EP via Bevel Rec, nicely setting the stage for this much anticipated interpretation of 'Nebula'. The tempo shifts up a touch from the previous versions while the melodic nature of the original lends itself quite well to Stan's canvas. An early focus on rhythm and groove lays the foundation for fragmented harmonics and gaseous sweeps to carry perfectly into the main break. Open and emotional, the centrepiece is a lesson in restraint, relying on the strength of it's musicality rather than a myriad of effects. It's this pensive nature which makes for such a unique journey, holding your full attention across it's eight minute running time and perfectly rounding out the release in the process. A stunning remix from Stan which caps off another must have release from Bynomic's Another Life Music. Don't miss it.

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Release Date: 16-02-2020

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