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Feature: D-Formation [Interview + Premiere]

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D-Formation is about to embark on one of the most anticipated moments of his near three decade long career. The impending release of his new EP 'Aura' has been regarded by many as his most creative work to date. A healthy blend of solo productions and carefully constructed collaborations have made it one of this years most anticipated Melodic House & Techno releases. We had a chance to catch up with the Spanish artist about the release and future plans for both himself and his Beatfreak label. Enjoy!

Hi Dimas, how are you and where do we find you now?

First thanks for thinking of me for this interview and a pleasure to share a few words with PA's friends and all its followers!

I really am in a very good professional moment, everything is rolling very well as an artist for me and of course for Beatfreak Recordings as a label as well. They are already a lots of years of work and at the moment I am in a period of expansion, lots of ideas are in my head that finally will come true this year.

We have all seen the success of your career. Can you tell us more about the efforts behind it?

There is really a lot of work to be able to reach the goals that I have achieved over so many years, many hours of learning and sometimes the feeling of not having a life, just work.

Many people think that the work of an artist is to go to a club over the weekend, play his music and have a good time, I can assure you that is not true. Before arriving at this surely the artist has had to go through many bad times, frustrating moments when you think of giving up on music, moments when you feel very alone, moments when you say I don't like the music I'm doing and I don't know what to do, I think we've all gone through those moments.

Anyway in my opinion any effort is worth it if you are fighting for what you love. In my case music has given me everything in life and I am very grateful to be able to dedicate myself to what I love no matter how hard it has been on certain occasions.

Your imprint Beatfreak has just released your newest EP 'Aura'. It’s an ambitious project including collaborations with another artists. Tell us more about it.

As in 2019 with my mini album 'This is Beatfreak', for this year I wanted to do the same concept, in this case (AURA) so 6 original tracks plus 2 Intro Acapella / Dj tools where you can also find some collaborations with friends and artists like Ziger, Grazze, Yaide and the vocal collaboration of the great Eleonora. As you can imagine this is the work of a few months, sometimes difficult to finish because there are always many more things to be done. But finally I was able to deliver to all my fans this EP with very good feedbacks from artists such as Solomun, Nick Warren, Cid Inc, Chus & Ceballos, AFFKT, Matan Caspi, Jobe among many others

What have been your proudest moments to date?

Quite difficult for me to highlight a single moment throughout a career of around 30 years, as every artistic career has good and not so good moments. To answer your question I think I could highlight as a moment or moments that I have felt more proud when I have had the ability to get up and get back up even when many people think I gave up. It really makes me feel good and proud of my work and how I have said before with hard work everything can be achieved.

How do you a spend a random day?

Well one day I usually wake up a little late hahahaha around 10:30 am, but don’t think I like to sleep much, the explanation is that I really like working at night in the studio, for me these are moments of tranquillity and inspiration, the phone doesn’t ring nor I am distracted by anything, I just think about what I am doing.

Obviously throughout a normal day I do many more things besides making music, I take care of the label and all the many things that must be done in the label together with my label manager Teddy and my partner Jesus Segura. Moreover I also do mastering and mixing for many artists and labels like Stereo Productions, MIR Music, Eat my Hat Music among others, all the mastering for my label Beatfreak too, as you can see my days are quite busy.

What are your future plans for D-Formation and Beatfreak Recordings?

Well, sometimes the plans are changing but always for the better. In terms of D-Formation, 2020 will be the total consolidation of all my effort for many years, I have great projects with great labels and artists, in addition to different tours in South America, India, Australia and many other cities that are being worked on.

Regarding Beatfreak I consider it as a child, as such it doesn’t stop growing, it is at the best moment of its more than 20 years of life. At the moment we are one of the hallmarks of the music industry and we will continue working to keep giving surprises. This year we will also start a Beatfreak Agency. We have just confirmed our first Showcase at Off Sonar Barcelona in June. After our success at the Amsterdam Dance Event, we want to take the next step of forming our own parties around the world.

It only remains to be marked goals.

‘Aura EP’ is out now on Beatfreak, you can purchase the release here: https://www.beatport.com/release/aura-ep/2834309

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