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Christian Monique – Aeolus [Balkan Connection]

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The latest release from Balkan Connection finds Christian Monique returning to the label for a new EP. The Italian artist delivered two remixes for the Serbian imprint last year in addition to stellar releases for 3rd Avenue, BCSA and Droid9. Now following a well received remix for Another Life Music, Christian embarks on one of the biggest releases of his career, landing back on Balkan Connection with 'Aeolus' alongside remixes from Espen and Fabri Lopez.

Beginning with the title selection Christian slows the tempo for a deeper more poignant creation. Rippling bass tones marry dulcet beats for a wonderful foundation before glowing pads and luminous motifs blanket the groove. Delicate arps are beautifully interwoven throughout the seven minute journey, ultimately coming to full fruition during the main break and redolent finale. The companion piece 'Walking For Us' picks the tempo up a touch but the delicate nature of it's predecessor remains. A wide assortment of exotic drums immediately grabs your attention while cosmic motifs slowly engulf the framework. Spacey and emotive in equal measure, it's subtle build is expertly executed, reaching a heavenly peak in effortless fashion, before eventually melting down into a pensive finale.

Providing the lone interpretation of 'Aeolos' is Espen who proves to be ideal choice to remix the track. The Norwegian artist takes to the main themes perfectly with a version that not only maintains the emotional integrity but expands on it. Musically rich with intriguing design qualities would be quite apt in describing this beauty but it's one you really need to hear to get the full impact of it's narrative. Timeless music from Espen.

The release concludes with Fabri Lopez returning to the label and providing the lone interpretation of 'Walking For Us'. The Argentinean artist recently delivered his 'Dedication' EP via the Serbian imprint to end 2019 on a high note, before beginning the new year with a remix for Soundteller Records. Now presenting his second remix of the year Fabri rounds out the release with a groovy take on 'Walking For Us'. The groove gets reworked into something a bit more chunky and progressive minded while a complement of haunting atmospheres and organic percussion fill in the framework. Musically it’s a touch less pronounced as well, downplaying the grandiose feel of the original while relying on less distinct concepts to translate it’s dreamy message. More great stuff from Fabri which caps off a superb release from Balkan Connection once again. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/31TfWd3

Release Date: 17-02-2020

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