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Hot TuneiK – Somewhere in Hannah [Balkan Connection]

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Balkan Connection continues it great start to 2019 with a new EP from Hot TuneiK. The Mexican artist and Hookah Records label boss has become one of the progressive scenes most in demand artists. His rich, groovy sound crosses over into the deeper spectrum of the genre quite nicely and it's made him a favourite amongst a broad range of DJs. Primarily focused on remixes, new original music from the Mexican artist has been scarce but enter Balkan Connection who present five brand new productions as part of the 'Somewhere in Hannah' EP.

Beginning with 'The Night We Met' Hot explores a cross cultural dynamic through progressive minded grooves and organic drums. The Hookah boss has always had a distinctive production aesthetic and it comes through nicely here once again. Clocking in at nearly ten minutes in length it's a desert inspired piece to continually discover new things about and no doubt one the dance floor will appreciate. 'Quite Of A Journey' follows suit with a similar and equally inviting sonic ethos. A touch deeper, it's a warm dreamy slice of progressive house that has enough mystery and vibe to get lost in several times over. The title selection 'Somewhere in Hannah' is perhaps a bit more distinctive in theme and narrative with a storyboard of glowing keys and radiant atmospheres, which converge for gorgeous, almost cinematic style moments, while the chord changes on the low end add just the right emotion touch. The tempo comes up with 'Teach Me How To Dance With You' which also carries a fuller low end and thus greater drive. Soaring atmospheres bring a hopeful mood in the break before getting washed away in favour of rhythm and groove. The release concludes with 'Green Eyes' which is most likely the most peak time worthy of the five cuts here. Again the tempo rises and with a driving, cavernous groove the energy is palpable. Tranquil arps and pixie like motifs provide all the dreamy magic you could want, giving it a near perfect mood to round out the EP. It caps off five stunning tracks from Hot TuneiK who continues to be a master of his craft. Highly recommended.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2FwY3s3

Release Date: 17-01-2019

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