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Hansgod – Egolies [Hydrogen]

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Hansgod - Egolies [Hydrogen]

John Johnson's Hydrogen imprint celebrates its 100th release this week with Hansgod's debut album. The French artist has been a primary contributor not only to Hydrogen but also parent label ICONYC where he has appeared three times. Hansgod's debut album comes at an appropriate moment, one where there is a demand for such a collection. His recent releases have showcased an ever expanding sonic palette and although this is a dance floor oriented project it's something which certainly gets explored on 'Egolies'.

Beginning with the first track 'Stole My Heart' you get an immediate sense of what Hansgod is all about. Spacious, meticulously produced grooves where all the elements breathe perfectly and provide maximum aural impact as a result. The vocal elements emanate soulful qualities while bulbous bass stabs and tight percussion keep the seven minute journey locked on the dance floor. It not only sets the tone for the entire collection but leads nicely into 'SMAC'. The tempo and energy comes up quite a bit here with a fuller, rolling and somewhat menacing groove. Quite techno inspired with timeless elements, from the vocal loops to airy pads. Vocals have always been a primary component of what Hansgod does in fact and it's certainly a running narrative through the collection as 'Use to Berlin' and 'Deep On' once again showcase. The former sits comfortably in timeless techno territory while the aptly titled 'Deep On' goes deeper, more house inspired and quite soulful. One of the collection's trippier pieces is no doubt 'Mandarin' with phasing noise and panning synths creating a hypnotic and somewhat disorienting environment. With a devilishly dark undertone it might be one of the album's most adventurous pieces.

The collection's title cut 'Egolies' is also a standout with its punchy framework and clattering drums. Tasteful electronics, an acid-like billow and timely vocal elements combine for a classy and once again ageless construction. Now moving past the half way point of the album we have 'Dox' which is more minimalistic in design, relying on distinctive bass stabs and quirky electronics to captivate along it's concise six minute running time. The album is programmed quite well and it's further evidenced as the tempo and mood then come up with 'Flutter' which is a funked-up, spaced out dirty progressive house creation. Coming at precisely the right moment it sets the stage for one of the collections biggest dance floor burners in 'Likez Moi'. It's big, burly groove is wonderfully offset with luminous pads and a classy French vocal sample. Quite cosmic at moments it's the apex of the album essentially and what a well crafted storyboard is was to get there. Concluding with 'Take It Now', Hansgod brings the tempo down a touch for a deep, meditative piece with reflective qualities. Something to tie the journey all together and look back on with a fondness and great sense of hope. A fabulous debut album from Hansgod and a wonderful addition to Hydrogen's stunning catalog. Highly Recommended.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2xcZNBY
Release Date: 11-09-2017

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