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Monojoke – Redemption [Soundteller Records]

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Monojoke - Redemption [Soundteller Records]

Not slowing down, Deersky's Soundteller Records continues on a great run with a brand new EP from Monojoke this week. The Polish artist remixed 'This Is Not Happening' by Federico Monachesi just last week for the label and also released his massive 'Paradisum' single through Tuxedo's Electronic Tree. Now Monojoke returns to Soundteller for his first EP entitled 'Redemption'.

Long time Monojoke fans love his unabashedly, grandiose approach to progressive music and generally that's what we get from the Polish artist. 'Redemption' however is a much deeper and groovier affair which serves as a nice change of pace. The unique design qualities remain; vibrant, effervescent sounds resonance brightly but a chunkier foundation and spacious framework change the mood considerably, allowing the mid tempo BPM and soulful motifs to create a lovely, laid back vibe. There definitely seems to be a lot of deep house trends crossing over into the progressive world and this is further evidence of that. Superb production from Monojoke.

The companion piece 'Slice and Dice' brings the tempo up a touch but the deeper mood of the EP stays nicely intact. A well carved groove gives it a bouncy cadence straight away before Monojoke's cosmic design qualities come to life. A catchy lead line beams brightly as the main break unfolds, ultimately leading to a big drop and euphoric conclusion. Two brilliant cuts from Monojoke and very cool to see him exploring deeper, mid tempo territory as well. Another standout signing for Deersky's Soundteller Records. Highly Recommended.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2gSqBkH
Release Date: 11-09-2017

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