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Greg Tomaz – Alchemic Substance – Remixes [Juicebox Music]

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Greg Tomaz - Alchemic Substance - Remixes [Juicebox Music]

Praveen Achary's Juicebox Music returns this week presenting new interpretations of Greg Tomaz's 'Alchemic Substance' EP. Originally released in November of last year it showcased the Indian artist at his all time best with two stylistically diverse cuts. Now we see Juicebox inviting Ape Sapiens, Alfonso Muchacho, Erdi Irmak and Marboc (who are all making their first appearances on the label) to reinterpret the tracks for the 2017 summer season.

I first heard about Nicolás Ciampone aka Ape Sapiens with his 'Cosmic Archaeology' release on Stellar Fountain. It was actually one of his first productions but sounded like that of seasoned progressive producer. A great move for Juicebox to invite him into the family as his interpretation of 'The Feeling Of Substance' is quite lovely. There's always a spacey quality to Ape's work and it translates nicely here again with soft melodic motifs and an airy resonance encasing the percussive groove. It's bright and vibrant in delivery and a definite standout in his tidy discography thus far. The second interpretation of 'The Feeling Of Substance' comes from Alfonso Muchacho who has been quite prolific of late with excellent releases on Hydrogen and Superordinate Music. Going with a more techno inspired approach his interpretation complements Ape Sapiens very well. It's quite subtle in delivery and all the more impactful as a result. The framework of the track houses the cinematic swells and hazy harmonics perfectly for a bevy of emotive moments, and the vocals during the main break bring a very unique vibe.

The first interpretation of 'Alchemic Angels' is provided by Erdi Irmak who much like Alfonso has had a very strong 2017 with releases on ICONYC, Or Two Strangers and Particles being the most notable. Here he brings his tech house / progressive hybrid style to 'Alchemic Angels' with great results. The Turkish artist always seems to create intriguing effects storyboards and he's done so here with a tripped out collage complemented by smooth, airy melodies. It's a cosmic delight and perfectly dialled for the dance floor. The release concludes with Marboc making his label debut following strong releases for Clubsonica Records and Stellar Fountain. The Polish artist has become loved for his blend of progressive and techno styles with his 'Alchemic Angels' interpretation leaning more towards the latter. Murky, dark and mysterious there's a lot to like about this but it's deliberate meditative drive is perhaps it's strongest suit. Definitely one for a heady dance floor and a great way to top off the package. Another solid outing from Praveen Achary's Juicebox Music who continue to do exciting things with both new and established names. Highly Recommended.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2tv52ff
Release Date: 30-06-2017

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