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Gaston Ponte – Old [Or Two Strangers]

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Presenting their second release of the year, Antrim’s Or Two Strangers welcomes Gaston Ponte back to the label for a new EP. Hailing from Argentina, Gaston Ponte has enjoyed a steady rise within the progressive music spectrum. A 2017 debut would see the Buenos Aires resident go on a creative swell, landing key projects with long running imprints such as Asymmetric Recordings, Auditen Music, Balkan Connection and Proton Music, while earning play and support from Hernan Cattaneo and Nick Warren in the process. Also receiving considerable praise was his Or Two Strangers debut ‘Sorcery’, a highly regarded 2020 offering which still resides in his Beatport sellers. Now, fresh off his latest vehicle for Proton Music to begin the year, Gaston makes a welcome return to Or Two Strangers with an artist showcase entitled ‘Old’.

Comprised of four distinctive and equally compelling creations, it is the spacious grooves and shimmering melodies of ‘Old’ which set the tone for the EP. Instantly seductive, its hopeful atmospheres and panoramic arps create a colourful canopy for warm beats and mountainous bass tones to deliver an enticing narrative. A well-crafted break sits at the heart of the journey, flowing through smooth synth swells, delicate arps and soft, siren-like tones, before uniting for an exhilarating drop and suitably cosmic finale. Selection two ‘The Traveler’ finds Gaston composing with a strong sense of rhythm and groove. Fluid and buoyant in equal measure, an evolving effects chain plays off creamy chord stabs, as colourful atmospheres and flashing percussion unite in a perfect sonic marriage. The Buenos Aires resident flexes his free-thinking muscles across a memorable break, as pitch-shifting structures and hypnotizing effects take centrestage, eventually transferring energy into a lively, key changing conclusion.

Continuing on a lighter monochrome with ‘Roots’, Gaston diversifies his portfolio with a production that is equal parts groovy and emotional. The Argentine allows the listener to relish in the groove, as flickering percussive arrangements, balmy overlays and elastic-like stabs provide a mesmerizing bridge into a therapeutic break and meditative finale. The release’s finale selection finds Gaston collaborating with fellow countryman Mariano Fuchilo on ‘Puche’. Featuring a smooth progressive narrative; the duo craft a foundation of warm beats, mountainous grooves and clattering percussion. Its robust low end is full of character and shape, positively charged and perfectly playing off the duo’s arpeggiated rhythms. The main break serves to build tension through exacting modulation and phasing noise, eventually culminating in a striking apex and groove-driven final act. A unique production from Gaston and Mariano which rounds out a sensational Or Two Strangers return for Gaston, an artist who has presented some of his all-time best work here.

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Release Date: 10-02-2023

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