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Feature: Baime [Interview]

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Hi guys, nice to talk with you today! How are you considering the situation and the industry shutdown?

The world is on fire at the moment in so many different ways. For us personally in Denmark, it does not have that big an impact compared to other countries. We are not entirely reliant on music income but for our colleagues this is horrible. We can’t really say much besides that we hope that things will change for the better soon. We hope that artists around the world are using this time to perhaps make some music and also get a good sleep pattern for a while and exercise. God knows we need it.

What keeps you positive during these times?

Technology has actually helped mitigate missing family and friends. Using Facetime has been very nice to keep in touch. Following guidelines has worked rather well in Denmark, so we are actually opening up slowly already. Turning off social media for a while to avoid becoming too focused on what is wrong. Eating and drinking well are probably one of the things that really helped us keep the spirits up.

You are one of the favourite duos nowadays. Could you tell us how you ended up being together as Baime?

Jens moved to Copenhagen after having studied music management in England. Mikael was already part of the local scene as a DJ, Promoter and producer. We connected at a Q&A with Kölsch in Copenhagen. Things moved pretty quickly and we started DJing together and going to the studio to play around and make music. That summer we ended up hanging out all the time and actually moved in together in a flat. Mikael was starting to figure out a new sound and he came up with Baime. I was later invited to join as we were already doing everything together. DJ, make music, promote parties and run Blindfold Recordings. We both come from different backgrounds but we share a very similar taste in music and our skills match each other very well. Today Mikael has joined Blindfold as a co-owner so you could say the circle is complete. We have officially merged our favourite hobbies together and continue to be good friends.

We have highlighted your latest remix for Rafael Cerato and Anthony Toga on the mighty Beatfreak Recordings. Could you tell us more about the process behind it?

The vocals from the original were super strong and the track is heavily inspired by the 80’s but thought out as a twisted darker version. The process behind all Baime tracks is to be playful and not focus too much on right/wrong in the starting phase. Listening to the different elements of the original and trying to jam with it. Generally, we try to not go too close to the original as to make it obsolete. Instead we try to interpret it in a new fashion and hopefully give it a spin that people like.

What keeps you motivated and excited about the music today?

Sharing musical experiences is still and will probably always be the number one thing that keeps us going. Finding a new sound or track and being able to share that experience with a crowd is an amazing feeling.

Do you have a favourite track that you feel represents what “Baime” is all about?

We have had favourite tracks over the years that we would play a lot. Limiting ourselves to one song seems a little too hard, so we decided to make a playlist with the top track of we have had great experiences playing together for the last 5 years. Spotify Playlist

1. Frankey, Sandrino - Acamar
2. Finnebassen - Sanguine
3. Denis Sulta - ASS (Nite & Day Mix)
4. Innellea - Analuji
5. Marc DePulse - Kontrollverlust ft. Xenia Beliayeva
6. Knowkontrol, Rowee - Amaranto feat. KnowKontrol (Original Mix)
7. Marc Romboy & Stephan Bodzin - Callisto (Joris Voorn Remix)
8. Sebastien Leger - Model D
9. Martin Eyerer & Ackermann - Equilibrium Feat. Lou (Paul Ursin Remix)
10. Renato Cohen - Sauna (Original Mix)
11. Tone Depth - Beirut (Original Mix)
12. Kotelett & Zadak - Zarmina (Original Mix)
13. Pale Blue - Acid Waves (Original Mix)
14. Kenton Slash Demon - Harpe (Original Mix)
15. Weval - I don’t need it (Original Mix)
16. Gessaffelstein - Atmosphere (Original Mix)
17. Futuristant - The Future Dance (Rigopolar Remix)
18. Coeus - Opus (Santiago Garcia Remix)
19. Yubik - Stray From The Path (Original Mix)
20. Mulya - Vapour (Original Mix)
21. Budakid - Amalia (Original Mix)
22. Musumeci - Defender (Original Mix)
23. Lone - Hyper Seconds (Original Mix)
24. C.P.I. - Proceso (Barnt Remix)
25. Paris Green - Aero (Original Mix)
26. Naeiiv - Versity (Original Mix)
27. Vlad Yaki - Minos (Original Mix)
28. Mita Gami ft. Erez - Runnin (Original Mix)
29. Trikk - Movianto (Original Mix)
30. Ripperton - Sidelines (Original Mix)

Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

In case you didn’t notice we actually did a full 1-hour live stream of our own material together with our friends from Nim Sound. The remix is now out but the rest is yet to follow. Have a listen here

One final thing. You might not know this but Progressive Astronaut actually featured our first-ever original production “The Damned” and this kick started our career. 200.000 plays later and we are still very grateful and happy that you guys reached out back then. Keep up the good work and thank you for having us back.

BAIME's remix of 'Celest' by Rafael Cerato & Antony Toga is available for pre-order now: : https://bit.ly/2Q3e5gz

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