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Fabian Krooss – Unchained [Stil Vor Talent]

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Hot on the heels of his recent "Planet D" EP, label stalwart Fabian Krooss returns to Stil vor Talent with his anticipated new release, "Higher State". Featuring all of that elementary Krooss-copyrighted sound palette, this new effort finds the Berlin producer exploring further ahead the concepts of minimal trompe-l'oeil and electro-acoustic roguishness that flowed across his previous iterations, resulting in an ever streamlined, pared-to-the-essential quartet of club-ready cuts. Surgically executed and bound to get all booties shaking in a two-mile radius.

Drenched in reverbs and machinic processes, "Unchained" draws first blood with its engineering of bubbling bass onslaughts and steel-clad percussions going hard against nostalgic swashes of brittle chimes and flat chords. One foot in a celestial paradise of sorts, the other wading in a sea of molten metal. A subdued dub affair laced with big-room focused electroid tendencies at first, "Higher State" progressively trades that chaotic opening for a steadier momentum, getting each bar tidy for the accordion-like home run to exhale its flavours with optimal results.

Hips wiggling and feet shuffling, the bouncy, tropical-hot "Frechdachs" is no straight walker but rather well a cheerful churner primed for metronome-busting action down the mosh pit. Sway, roll, shake off the dust from your shoes and repeat. Final number "In Between" caps it off in sheer mesmeric Andalusian-style. Serving up an oddball mix of FX-riddled, raucous electronics and refined Spanish guitar riffs, it's a feast for the senses that unfolds, deep and lush as it gets. Fabian Krooss in top shape, as ever.

Buy: bit.ly/3rdCfYE
Release Date: 15-04-2022



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