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East Cafe – A Grain Of Sand Remixes [Superordinate Music]

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The latest release from Superordinate Music finds the label showcasing new interpretations of East Cafe's 'A Grain Of Sand'. Released in February of this year, the two track offering has proved to be one of 2019's most memorable progressive house releases and perhaps some of East Cafe's finest work to date. Big support from Hernan Cattaneo has etched the release in the memories of the genre's fans and now Superordinate gives us a new perspective on the tracks with remixes from Sam Heyman, Dynacom, James Gill, Ape Sapiens and Michon.

First up is Sam Heyman who is best known for his releases on Afterglow, SPINNIN DEEP, Proton's Particles and John OO Fleming's JOOF Recordings. Now making his Superordinate debut Sam turns into a peak time interpretation of 'Being Kind Is Overrated'. Taking a cue from the original, the Swedish artist turns in a hugely energetic, acid fuelled version that's perfectly dialled for peak time play. Symphonic overlays make for epic moments during the break and perfectly set up a rousing finale.

One of the progressive scene's hottest names this year has been Argentina's Dynacom. The Auditen label boss has been impressing with his dark, powerful take on the genre and continues to do so here with a superb rendition of 'A Grain Of Sand'. The low end immediately stands out, funky and spacious, laying the perfect foundation for a bevy of cosmic designs to flow through the framework. Dreamy at points yet still mystical and profound, it's another brilliant production from Dynacom.

Sudbeat and Replug alum James Gill also turns in an impressive take on 'A Grain Of Sand'. A nice complement to Dynacom's version as it focuses more on a hypnotic narrative with meditative arps and a tranquil vibe. It's subtle build and smooth flow is where it excels, particularly coming out of the break which once again proves you don't need a sledgehammer to crack open an egg, a tasteful re-entry and one which is all the powerful because of it.

The third and final interpretation of 'A Grain of Sand' is provided by Ape Sapiens which has been performing very well with DJs pre-release. Quite modern and spacious it operates on a simple but very effective groove that's sure bring some swing to your dance floor. A perfectly constructed break brings the musicality up a notch, not only advancing the narrative but setting up what is a monumentally groovy finale act.

The release concludes with Michon providing the second and final interpretation of 'Being Kind Is Overrated'. The Russian artist is fresh off a string of releases for his Polyptych imprint where his unique take on progressive music has flourished. On 'Being Kind Is Overrated' he lowers the tempo for a melancholic version that comes with an abundance of character and emotion. Known for his romantic moods, Michon more than lives up to that here with heartfelt tones and wistful cinematics playing off each other perfectly during the main break. A stunning interpretation from the Russian artist which rounds out an excellent package of remixes for East Cafe's 'Being Kind Is Overrated / A Grain of Sand'. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2Zcrr18

Release Date: 26-08-2019

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