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David Norena – The Moment Of Life [Port 81 Records]

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Port 81 Records returns for their second release of 2019, with label boss David Norena showcasing a new EP alongside remixes from Fory and Cardios Then 33. The Colombian artist has been exploring new sonic territory of late, with an emphasis on unique design and borderless appeal. Now ready to unveil his first original project in many years, David presents his much anticipated 'The Moment Of Life' EP.

Beginning with 'Spectral' David explores modern techno leanings with inspired results. Built around bulbous beats and tight rhythmic structures, it’s monstrous in scope from the outset. Melancholia comes in the form of a tastefully twisted arp, which ebbs and flows throughout the framework, before building to a sonic sizzle during the main break and ultimately setting up an exhilarating final act.

The title track ‘The Moment Of Life’ provides a unique progressive techno hybrid which never seems to fall out of fashion, especially when executed with the brilliance displayed here. Already a favourite amongst many top DJs, it’s dubbed out rhythms, ethereal motifs and ghostly vocals sit perfectly on a bed of punchy beats and organic percussion. Wonky lead tones fully saturate your senses across the seven minute journey before buzzing electronics provide a heady apex.

The first interpretation of 'The Moment Of Life' is provided by Fory who makes his label debut. The Colombian artist has been pushing his brand of melodic techno since making his debut in 2011. Now the director of Black Code Records and BLC Mastering lands on Port 81 with a stunning rendition of 'The Moment Of Life'. The tempo and energy shift up for a fiery, peak time feel as raspy stabs and frantic electronics build drama and tension. Quite old school sounding, it's one that nostalgic progressive house fans are sure to enjoy.

The release concludes with Cardios Then 33 returning to the label and providing the second and final interpretation of 'The Moment Of Life'. Hailing from Santiago de Cali, the Colombian artist has the unique distinction of providing the inaugural release on the label with 'Humble Ground'. Now following a collaboration effort with Lemus, Cardio Then 33 returns for his third appearance and a stellar interpretation of 'The Moment Of Life'. Taking a cue from the deeper original, the Santiago de Cali resident provides a more straight forward tech house style framework which the dubby rhythms and tonal themes breath wonderfully in. An emotive break sits at the heart of the track, flowing through poignant melodies before melting down into the stripped groove for what should be a great dance floor moment.It rounds out a diverse and inspired collection of music from Port 81, one which sees label boss David Norena presenting his most accomplished work to date. Highly recommended.

Buy: https://bit.ly/2VMLH73

Release Date: 13-05-2019

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