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David Di Sabato – Between The Lines [Soundteller Records]

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David Di Sabato - Between The Lines [Soundteller Records]

The latest release from Deersky's Soundteller Records welcomes David Di Sabato to the label. The Italian artist has previously appeared on Progressive House Worldwide and Suffused Music where his melodic sound has flourished. Now making a step up David makes his much anticipated debut on Soundteller alongside remixes from Fer J and Nishan Lee. 

Most of David's productions sit in the 125 BPM range with a healthy dose of melody but his latest 'Between The Lines' comes it mid-tempo and quite laid back in comparison. Jangly melodies and a broken beat foundation lie at the core of the track while subtle shifts in atmosphere pull even more emotion at key points in the narrative. A lovely piece of music and also timely given the season, kudos to Soundteller for picking it up.

As you would expect the remixes bring the elements closer to the dance floor beginning with Fer J. The Portuguese artist made his debut on Soundteller in February with his 'Moments' EP and has since appeared on Balkan Connection and Proton's Particles. Now returning to Soundteller he provides one of his all time best productions with a great remix of 'Between the Lines'. Upping the tempo to 122, Fer J has managed to keep the spirit of the original well intact with strummy hooks and a lovely atmospheric resonance. The main break proves impactful, storyboarded to perfection with emotive moments and a smooth yet exhilarating payoff.

The release concludes with by welcoming Nishan Lee to the label following strong remixes for BC2 and Modern Agenda. The Sri Lankan artist has been rising up through the progressive underground at a rapid rate. Keeping that momentum going he closes the release out really strong with an excellent remix of 'Between The Lines'. It comes in deeper than the Fer J interpretation and sits nicely on the release as a result. A dubby first act proves to be the perfect prelude for the break which uses the main motifs to great effect, and in a more organic and deeply satisfying context. Definitely my favourite version, rounding out another excellent and also timely release for Deersky's Soundteller Records.

Buy: http://bit.ly/2uIeR9y
Release Date: 24-07-2017

Release Promo: http://releasepromo.com

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